IBC 2018

At IBC, Heads Were In The Cloud

The buzz around the IP transition, the cloud and AI was so loud at this year’s IBC that the walls were practically humming with it. Although frequency of that buzz may be too future-pitched to fully resonate with many broadcasters, the conversation about how to manage such a major transition continues to gain clarity.

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Panasonic

Panasonic | www.panasonic.com Pathway To Live production — Under the slogan of Live. Sports. Entertainment. Panasonic demonstrated the latest line up of studio, ENG and remote camera systems alongside an expanded network of complementary third-party solutions, ranging from robotic and transmission to tracking systems. In the remote camera range, Panasonic introduced the newest addition to […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Annova Systems

Annova Systems| Stand 3.B36| https://www.annova.tv/ Around a dozen key areas in the new OpenMedia version 4.4 contains items of new and enhanced functionality. Features and functional enhancements have been applied to OpenMedia v4.4. OpenMedia ClientSide API — The OpenMedia experts continue to provide our customers even more options for creating rich and interactive applications across […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: TVU Networks

TVU Networks | Stand 2.B28| http://www.tvunetworks.com/ Part of TVU Network’s range of innovative remote production solutions, TVU Producer enables anyone to produce professional, multi-camera video, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and software or prior training. Covering a wide range of applications, from live sports events and egames competitions, through to house of worship services […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Grass Valley

Grass Valley | Stand 9.A01| https://www.grassvalley.com/home/ In a move designed to put customers firmly at the center of its innovation and product development, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is debuting its new Core Technology initiative — a more agile, collective approach to R&D designed to produce greater quality and capability across the company’s entire portfolio. […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: JVC

JVC | www.jvcpro.eu Newly announced at IBC 2018 are two new models in the CONNECTED CAM range – the GY-HC500 and the GY-HC550 – which offer unparalleled IP connectivity in a handheld camcorder form factor. Both models feature a 1” 4K CMOS sensor which is combined with a newly-developed 20x lens with 3-ring control, resulting […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Shotoku

Shotoku | Stand 12.E42| http://www.shotoku.tv/jp/ Shotoku Broadcast Systems has returned to IBC with enhancements and upgrades for its robotic camera control platform, including the SmartPed and SmartRail camera support solutions. It is also showing an improved TR-XT remote camera control system with an improved External Control Automation Interface (ECI), introducing its new SD and SE […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Avid

Avid | Stand 7.B55| https://www.avid.com/ Avid brings new products and technology demonstrations across the IBC Show floor to help enterprises, teams and individuals to maximize efficiency and opportunity in media creation, management and distribution. Further, Avid thought leadership will be present across the event through high-profile customers — including the creative forces behind Star Wars: The […]

IBC 2018

Dejero And Partners Showcase Live Production

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations, is collaborating with partners Microsoft Azure, Avid, Haivision, Hiscale, Make.TV and Signiant at IBC to showcase how live production workflows in the cloud can deliver greater flexibility, scalability and budget efficiencies to broadcasters. Visitors to Dejero’s […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Ross Video

Ross Video | Stand 11.C10 |rossvideo.com/media Carbonite Ultra — Carbonite Ultra is built on an entirely new 1RU hardware platform with 240% more processing power than the original Carbonite. Remarkably affordable, the 24-input, 14-output Carbonite Ultra rack starts at $10,900. This production switcher can be configured with 1-3 MEs, 2-4 16-window multiviewers, frame syncs and format […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Prime Focus Technologies

Prime Focus Technologies | Stand 7.C05| www.PrimeFocusTechnologies.com Prime Focus Technologies, the technology arm of Prime Focus, has partnered with Virtual Artificial Intelligence, a U.K.-based provider of AI solutions. The partnership is focused on delivering practical, affordable AI solutions to media and entertainment (M&E) enterprises, and simplifying business processes through process automation. The collaboration will leverage […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Avid First

Avid | Stand 7.B55| www.avid.com Avid announced that more than one million aspiring creative people in nearly every country have downloaded Avid First creative tools for free to develop their craft and accomplish their best possible work in music and video. With Pro Tools | First, Media Composer | First and Sibelius | First, this new generation of users can create content, […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Video Clarity

Video Clarity | Stand 2.C57| videoclarity.com Making its European debut at IBC is ClearView 9.0, the latest software release for Video Clarity’s ClearView line of video quality analyzers. Driven by customer input, version 9.0 provides several new features that help day-to-day users save time and get more utility from their existing ClearView systems. One major […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Gearhouse Broadcast

Gearhouse Broadcast | Stand 10.B39| https://www.gearhousebroadcast.com  Gearhouse Broadcast, the Gravity Media-owned supplier of technical facilities, crew and services used to capture the world’s most watched content, is upgrading its fleet of Flyaways to be IP-ready. This means that Gearhouse’s customers will be able to use its portable production solutions with either an SDI, IP or hybrid […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: NewTek

NewTek | Stand 7.C59| https://www.newtek.com NewTek announced the availability of NDI 3.7 which includes an embedded software development kit (SDK) for manufacturers of video devices including cameras, monitors, converters, game consoles, video conferencing solutions, projectors, smart boards, and more. Since its introduction at IBC 2015, NDI implementation has focused around software applications running on computer […]

IBC 2018

YouTube Deepens Inroads To TV

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, says the platform’s biggest growth area is on television sets. It’s drawing on an arsenal of original content and subscription models to accelerate that trend.

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Masstech & x.news

Masstech & x.news | Stands 7.C55 & 1.C27| https://masstech.com/ Masstech announced its collaboration with x.news information technology to provide x.news users full visibility into both video and text sent by stations using Masstech media wires. Mike Palmer, Masstech CTO, said: “Masstech users have long been able to send text and embedded video to internal and […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz | Stand 7.21| www.hohde-schwarz.com R&S TMU9evo air-cooled UHF medium-power transmitter — Rohde & Schwarz is committed to making network operators’ lives easier. Over the years, the company has incorporated innovative ideas and concepts into transmitter development, and the new R&S TMU9evo air-cooled UHF medium-power transmitter represents the next step toward minimizing operating […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: TICO Alliance

TICO Alliance | Stand 10.D31| www.tico-alliance.org The TICO Alliance — an open coalition of companies united to set the bar for next generation UHDTV infrastructure by establishing TICO compression in the new IP-based live ecosystem — is displaying multiple technology demos with several members at its  booth. TICO technology, currently specified as SMPTE RDD35 and under […]

IBC 2018

For Broadcasters, Voice Platform Still A ‘Black Box’

Massive consumer adoption of smart speakers has prompted broadcasters to consider the prospect of adapting their content to voice. But even Amazon concedes “it’s still day one” for broadcast’s moves on the platform.

IBC 2018

IBC Opening Press Conferences: Evertz, Grass Valley, Harmonic, Imagine, MediaKind

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Ross Video

Ross Video | Stand 11.C10| www.rossvideo.com Ross Video’s XPression Version 8.5 — the most advanced real-time motion graphics engine software Ross Video has ever released — will be shown. An evolution in XPression, Version 8.5 continues to deliver an intuitive and cost-effective product which is used in workflows from simple character generator tasks all the […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: MediaKind

MediaKind | Stand 1.D61| http://www.mediakind.com/ MediaKind is launching MediaFirst Client for Mediaroom, a new solution that enables existing Mediaroom operators to upgrade to the MediaFirst TV Platform. Mediaroom is an IPTV platform with more than 40 million STBs deployed worldwide. The introduction of MediaFirst Client with a cloud-based SaaS platform enables current Mediaroom operators to […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: EditShare

EditShare, a provider of intelligent scale-out storage, AQC and media management solutions, today announced that its new Flow software-defined media asset management (MAM) release will be available through a subscription-based model at the end of September. Showcased at IBC, the latest version of Flow has been completely re-engineered for non-EditShare storage environments including Avid NEXIS, […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Grass Valley & ExciteM

Grass Valley & ExciteM | Stand 9.A01| https://www.grassvalley.com/home/ Grass Valley, a Belden Brand,  announced a strategic collaboration with software development firm ExciteM, which creates viewer and audience engagement tools for television, social media and mobile environments. Grass Valley will demonstrate the integration with ExciteM that enables broadcasters to optimize audience interaction and engagement with a wide […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Imagine Communications

Imagine Communications | Stand 4.A01| www.imaginecommunications.com Imagine Communications is unveiling a range of business-driving enhancements to Versio Platform, the latest evolution of the company’s groundbreaking and industry-proven playout software solutions. Versio Platform offers a complete playout and media workflow solution from ingest, prep and playout to automation, graphics, master control and branding. The market’s first […]

IBC 2018

Trust Tops Tech To Rebuild News Audiences

An opening panel at the broadcasters’ gathering in Amsterdam found that rebuilding audience trust is a top priority, and the right combination of social listening and low-tech reporting might help realize it.

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Bluefish444

Bluefish444| Stand 7.B44 | https://bluefish444.com/products/software/details/5/adobe-software.html Bluefish444, manufacturer of the professional video uncompressed 4K SDI, ASI, Video Over IP and HDMI I/O cards and mini converters, announces SMPTE 2022/2110 Video Over IP and 4K HDR support for the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud video apps. Bluefish444 KRONOS and Epoch SDI, HDMI, and Video Over […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Harmonic

Harmonic | Stand 1.B20| www.harmonicinc.com At IBC 2018, Harmonic launched dynamic ad insertion (DAI) capabilities and will provide a sneak peek of disruptive disaster recovery scenarios enabled by its VOS360 Video software-as-a-service (SaaS) as part of the company’s continued commitment to SaaS innovation. With these advanced capabilities available in the cloud, VOS360 Video SaaS opens […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: The Telos Alliance

The Telos Alliance | Stand 8.D47| https://www.telosalliance.com The Telos Alliance, a provider of broadcast technology and parent company to Telos, Omnia, Axia, 25-Seven, Linear Acoustic and Minnetonka — will demonstrate a virtual machine (VM) concept it’s calling The HyperStudio Experience. The demonstration will feature Telos Alliance products running virtually in a hypervisor environment. Virtual machines […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Grass Valley & Dell EMC

Grass Valley & Dell EMC | Stands 9.A01 & 7.C39   A big part of building any successful broadcast infrastructure is integrating server and storage solutions to manage the critical assets that go into creating and delivering content. With a new OEM agreement between Dell EMC and Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, broadcasters can deploy […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Ross Video

Ross Video | Stand 11.C10| www.rossvideo.com Ross Video launched BACH Liberty at IBC 2018. BACH Liberty is a drop-in replacement, pin-compatible module to Dante Brooklyn II, featuring a fully compliant AES67 and ST-2110 implementation that is guaranteed interoperable. HUGEL GmbH, the Swiss provider of specialized solutions to the broadcast market since 1968, is first to integrate […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Artel Video Systems

Artel Video Systems | Stand 5.A65| www.artel.com Artel Video Systems, a provider of innovative real-time multimedia delivery solutions, has partnered with DirectOut Technologies at IBC2018 to demonstrate IP interoperability between Artel’s Quarra PTP Ethernet switch and DirectOut’s MONTONE.42 converter that bridges MADI to audio over IP. The Quarra 10G switch is the central network switch […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies | Stand 8.E27| http://www.mellanox.com Mellanox Technologies, a supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems announced an advanced and self-contained Ethernet Video Fabric (EVF) that accelerates the adoption of IP based broadcast technology. The platform combines innovative network automation and fully integrated, switch-based, open-source, containerized registration and discovery […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Vizrt

Vizrt | Stand 7.B01| www.vizrt.com Vizrt will present the latest version of its media asset management (MAM) system. Viz One 6.1 introduces a new smart transfer system, optimized search for millions of assets and extended media support. Media companies have the flexibility to access their content anywhere with Viz One on Amazon Web Service. The […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Matrox

Matrox | Stand B15, Hall 7| www.matrox.com/video Matrox Video introduced two new additions to its developer product portfolio: Matrox X.mio5 12G, a multichannel SDI I/O card with onboard video processing, and Matrox DSX LE5 12G, a multichannel SDI I/O card. The developer cards are the first to offer reconfigurable, high-density 12G/3G SDI connectivity, enabling OEMs to build […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: IMT Vislink

IMT Vislink | Stand 1.A69| https://imt-solutions.com/ IMT Vislink will be demonstrating an innovative enhancement to its HCAM and UltraReceiver wireless camera solution to provide single-frame end-to-end latency for 4K UHD transmissions. Production companies and event producers are increasingly turning to wireless camera solutions in order to make live programming more immersive and engaging for viewers. The growth […]

Grass Valley IP To Power IBC TV

IBC TV, the official television channel of the IBC Show (Sept. 13-18, Amsterdam), has turned to Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, to engage its nearly 60,000 attendees with content, all powered by IP. This year, IBC TV’s aim is to showcase how a combination of the best expertise, skill sets, and the right tools can enable production teams to leverage […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: NAGRA

NAGRA | Stand 1.C81| dtv.nagra.com NAGRA, a provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, has launched NexGuard QuickMark, a subscriber-level watermarking solution to fight piracy of premium live sports on open devices. While premium live sports are a key growth driver for legitimate pay-TV service providers, they are also a fast-growing target for pirates […]

MultiDyne Strengthens Its West Coast U.S. Presence

MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions has appointed industry veterans Jesse Foster and Bob McAlpine to key roles that will help to shape the long-term future of the company. Effective immediately, Foster joins MultiDyne as director of product development and Western region sales, with McAlpine serving in a key global advisory role. They will join MultiDyne at IBC 2018 (Sept. 14-18 in Amsterdam), where they will meet […]