Kathrein Debuts UHF Variable Polarization Omni Antenna For NextGen TV Or LPTV

UHF super-turnstile antennas manufacturer Kathrein has added to its line of omnidirectional super-turnstile antennas, introducing a new model with elliptical and circular capabilities for NextGen TV and LPTV applications.

The company says its new 7500000043 antenna “is the first super-turnstile model with variable polarization which can be stacked to increase gain and power capabilities.”

The antenna’s features include:

  • Very low wind-load compared to broadband panel options or even full radome slot antenna options.
  • Consistent H & V ratios across the band.
  • Bandwidth from 470-654 MHz.
  • Power capabilities of 6 kW to 18 kW of input power.
  • Its omnidirectional pattern with H-pole and V-pole provides a pattern that is 25% more than an omnioid pattern on horizontal and 43 % more than an omnioid on vertical.
  • This antenna can side mount on a tower in multiple sections or a single section can top mount onto a tower.

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