SME’s Enterprise File Fabric Solution Available In AWS Marketplace

Storage Made Easy (SME), with a mission of simplifying storage for everyone, announced today that the Enterprise File Fabric platform can now be launched directly from AWS Marketplace.

Companies are deploying the Enterprise File Fabric on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage the convenience and economics of cloud storage, to increase organizational agility, and to support increasingly distributed workforces. Now workers anywhere are able to access corporate data on demand through web, mobile and desktop apps, and even through an optimized virtual file system. No VPN. No virtual desktops.

The File Fabric presents Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and other cloud storage into a single virtual filesystem. Organizations can continue to use their file-based applications and processes as they migrate data to the cloud as users are able to work with the desktop tools and applications they are used to. Integration with AD / SAML with fine-grained access control, audit logs, PII monitoring, and virus scanning add corporate controls and oversight.

Steven Sweeting, director product management at Storage Made Easy, said: “The Enterprise File Fabric joins our S3 Drive and S3 Explorer desktop products in AWS Marketplace. Customers are able to launch our complete File Fabric platform on AWS in just a few clicks. Once again, it’s just storage made easy!”

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