Starfish Technologies Sponsors Devoncroft Summit

The 10th annual Devoncroft Executive Summit will be held, virtually, April 27-29. Recognizing the importance of the event, Starfish Technologies is one of its sponsors.

Starfish is a technology company delivering solutions and expertise, particularly in transport stream processing, transport stream splicing, video transcoding, IP delivery of media streams, opt-out signal encoding/decoding and audio description systems. Built on a foundation of software development, Starfish develops patented techniques to deliver the next generation of media stream processing and delivery.

“The media industry was finding its way along the transition path from SDI-based architectures towards fully software-based systems and IP, when the pandemic hit us all with the need to support remote production and operation through virtualization. I believe it has forced the industry to skip forward around five years along its natural evolution path” said Peter Blatchford, CMO of Starfish Technologies. “This year’s Devoncroft Executive Summit is a great opportunity to share experiences and develop a real understanding of what has worked and what has not, and the implications for the future. That is why we have committed to be a part of the event.”

Joe Zaller of Devoncroft added: “Just as the media industry has had to transform itself, so we have had to completely rethink our flagship event. Anyone who has tried taking a physical meeting and simply put it on screen knows that it does not work, so we have devoted a lot of time and energy to creating a virtual summit which really delivers for every delegate. To make that happen, we are extremely grateful to our sponsors, like Starfish, who have backed us to continue to provide the content and context that media leaders need.”

More information on the Devoncroft Executive Summit can be found here.

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