TV Azteca Uses Dalet Galaxy To Expand Multiplatform Offerings

Dalet, a provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, today announced that Mexico’s TV Azteca has deployed Dalet Galaxy five workflow platform to reinvigorate the company’s content supply chain and deliver programming options faster to its audiences across all traditional, digital and social platforms.

TV Azteca offers a wide range of entertainment programming including, series, live musicals, thematic programs and sports. In addition to the diverse schedule, TV Azteca delivers news 18 hours per day through a network of local stations across the country.

“The goal of TV Azteca’s ambitious transformation was to connect the digital content traffic for TV with the digital platforms and deliver to our audiences programming options that encompass the breadth and depth of our news reporting, and the entirety of our outstanding media catalog,” said Pedro Carmona, TV Azteca CTO. “Dalet Galaxy five gave us the technical capabilities to build this innovative media production ecosystem, with the workflow acceleration to engage with our audiences in real-time.

“The project execution was remarkable and the resulting impact immediate. The TV Azteca operation went from a manual process, where on average it took 10 minutes to get content on-air, to near-instant and often automated real-time delivery of content and programs. The benchmark for improved performance was undeniable and provided us the efficiency required to expand program options for our viewers,” Carmona added.

Accelerating workflows by a factor of 10, TV Azteca implemented alongside Dalet Galaxy five highly mobile and collaborative production tools including Dalet OneCut and Dalet WebSpace. The solution streamlines content production field to facility, enabling more than 50 journalists to more efficiently prepare stories anywhere in the world.

Further fueling the fast-turn workflow are Dalet’s social media connectors which let users easily publish content to TV Azteca’s social channels.


With several distinct media departments that previously operated in siloed production verticals, TV Azteca powered by Dalet Galaxy five is now fully connected, interweaving workflows from Programs, News, Sports, Archives and Marketing; ensuring content and program information is shared for maximum production and distribution efficiency.

Iván Neri, TV Azteca CIO, highlighted the inefficiencies eliminated by Dalet’s modern workflow design. “We used to manually copy files over from one department to another and this took an enormous amount of time. Dalet Galaxy five automates the entire file migration from transcoding to metadata capture, which is so incredibly important for making content searchable across our archives.

“Before implementing the Dalet solution, we had duplicates and inconsistencies in content tagging that hindered collaboration and prevented us from maximizing our content’s value. Automating processes and streamlining the workflow allows us to better utilize the rich programming we have stored in our vaults to audiences everywhere in the world,” Neri concluded.

According to third-party consultants hired by TV Azteca, the resulting Dalet-powered media infrastructure reduced production inefficiencies by up to 30% across the operations.

“TV Azteca’s approach in designing its new media operations is lightyears ahead,” said Julien Decaix, Dalet general manager Americas. “More than overcoming the inefficiencies, they understood that audiences expected to engage with TV Azteca across all platforms and built a highly fluid media ecosystem that enables them to optimize all aspects of production. They now engage their viewers on a deeper level with better and more diverse content options.”

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