Chuck Scarborough Marks 40 Years At WNBC

Emmy Award-winning news anchor and correspondent Chuck Scarborough is celebrating four decades as a reporter for WNBC New York. During his tenure at the station, he has reported on six mayors, seven Yankee Championships, two terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, multiple financial breakdowns and countless other triumphs and tragedies that have touched New Yorkers’ lives over the years. In the video above, he shares how he became a journalist, the story that was his most challenging and what he thinks about his past 40 years at the station.

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Adam Causey says:

March 25, 2014 at 8:59 pm

I grew up in the Boston area, where I was treated to watching Chuck on (then) WNAC-TV, channel 7. I am so happy and proud that he made the big time – and has stayed there so successfully!

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