Dalet, Veritone Collaborate On AI Solutions

Dalet Digital Media Systems, a provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, and Veritone Inc., a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) insights and solutions, announced a new collaboration. It will allow Dalet Galaxy customers to use Veritone’s industry-leading AI technology for automated metadata extraction and analysis, including speech-to-text transcription, face recognition, translation, object recognition, content moderation, logo recognition, and optical character recognition. 

“Artificial Intelligence is one of our customers’ top priorities. They recognize the power of AI to seamlessly and automatically process, transform and analyze data,” said Frederic Roux, VP of sales, Americas at Dalet. “We’re pleased to collaborate with Veritone in this effort to help media organizations capture new opportunities with smart workflow services that can easily become part of their existing installation.”

The amount of multimedia content created and consumed is growing at an exponential pace in all verticals. As broadcasters and media organizations look at the best ways to tame the tsunami, streamline workflows and maximize the value of content, AI-enriched media management and workflow solutions will become a vital part for continued relevance and sustainable growth.

Potential business benefits are immense and immediately tangible: augmented production workflows with smart and timely recommendations, better content insights and discovery thanks to intelligent auto-tagging features, automation of more complex tasks in the process and, in the near future, smart resource provisioning and system scaling with self-adaptive capacity planning.

However, managing artificial intelligence at scale and fielding it in relevant use cases for media organizations require an advanced asset management and orchestration platform such as Dalet Galaxy. Leveraging on its flexible, media- and business-aware data model, as well as a fully featured integration framework, Dalet says its Galaxy offers a future-proof foundation to connect with Veritone’s open, extensible ecosystem of AI engines and applications.

By taking advantage of the Veritone Platform, Dalet Galaxy users will be able to search and exploit every frame of video and every second of audio for objects, faces, brands, text, sentiment, keywords and more. They will be able to discover unique insights, dissect and analyze content programmatically and by multivariate search, and monitor media in near real time.


“The rationale behind this collaboration is very simple: a common passion, focus and expertise in the media industry. The combination of the two complementary technologies spans across all media workflows, offering smarter services that unleash the potential of content, enhance the production experience, and reduce the complexity of content curation, ultimately enabling customers to create and deliver richer, better content to the right audience at the right time,” said Kevin Savina, director of product strategy at Dalet.

 “We are thrilled to team up with Dalet, a leader in media asset and workflow management. The collaboration will empower Dalet Galaxy users with the new-found intelligence and impactful applications essential to remain competitive now and in the future,” added Ryan Steelberg, co-founder and president of Veritone.

Veritone makes AI accessible and actionable by combining more than 120 of the most advanced third-party engines across major cognitive functions with a suite of powerful applications and a proprietary orchestration layer, Conductor™, informed by machine learning. Deployable virtually anywhere, the Veritone Platform produces time-correlated, multi-dimensional metadata from audio and video data, unlocking new insights from linear files such as radio and TV broadcasts, call-center conversations and CCTV footage.

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