Envivio Enables TV Anytime In Vietnam

Envivio, an all-software video processing, delivery and monetization solutions company, now a part of Ericsson, will equip Vietnam’s largest multiple system operator with the Envivio Muse live and on-demand video compression software and the Halo network media processor and packager.

The roll-out of cloud DVR services will enable Vietnam Cable Television Corp. (VTVcab)’s subscribers to record, pause, start over and catch up with their favorite content on the fly on any screen. The cloud architecture combines processing enhancements, including software-defined storage with erasure coding, the use of the latest compression standards, packaging and transcoding on the fly. This creates storage reductions at each step, totaling 10x to 30x storage savings throughout the process compared to existing solutions, the company said.

Envivio’s Muse video compression software with “Up!” compression mode perfects the video quality of the MPEG-2 H.264 and HEVC standards. This software solution also saves critical network bandwidth; prepares operators for Ultra HD TV delivery and future-proofs MSOs’ investments in a single management facility for all multi-screen video operations.

VTVcab serves more than two million customers throughout Vietnam. The operator delivers more than 150 channels to customers. Video on demand will be enabled wherever consumers choose to watch content, including home televisions, tablets, PCs and Smartphones. The software enables streaming in HTTP Live Streaming and Smooth Streaming formats.

Envivio’s software is fully integrated with NAGRA’s anyCAST content protection, OpenTV 5 HTML5 connectware and MediaLive multiscreen solutions to secure and deliver VTVcab network with advanced services including video-on-demand and personal video recorder features available across all screens.

“We listened to our customers, who indicated they want more online viewing options. With this new technology, we can deliver on that demand securely, with a seamless viewing experience,” said Nam Bui Huy, CTO of VTVcab.


VTVcab will launch the new video features later this year.

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