ePort Drives $183 Million In May Orders

STRATA’s electronic ad buying and selling platform sets a record with $600 million in new business so far this year.

STRATA, the provider of media buying and selling software and operator of the TVB-developed ePort ad transaction system, generated $183 million in new broadcast ePort TV orders in May, a 369% increase over the previous record set in May 2010.

To date, $600 million worth of new business flowed through ePort’s system during the first five months of 2012, almost double the amount during the same period last year. STRATA took over all business and technical responsibility for ePort in September 2011.

ePort is an electronic bridge over which buyers, local TV broadcasters and national representatives can send and receive any transaction. Through this system, the process of buying and selling TV spots has become more efficient and accurate. ePort also creates an electronic audit trail for revisions and makegoods, and allows multi-year storage of orders.

“STRATA is thrilled to see more agencies and sellers alike benefitting from ePort,” says Mike McHugh, STRATA’s VP of media sales. “With our enhanced connections to take orders all the way to traffic, buying and selling TV has never been easier, faster or more accurate… and the proof is in the numbers,” he added.

“Whether you’re an AE at the national reps, a broadcast group or a small market station, ePort works for everyone in TV sales and their clients,” McHugh added.

ePort is used by agencies of all sizes across the country, and has handled more than $3.5 billion in transactions since its debut in 2007.


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Albert Pica says:

June 13, 2012 at 4:39 pm

“Through this system, the process of buying and selling TV spots has become more efficient and accurate.” This is laughable.

Lee Petro says:

July 6, 2012 at 3:16 pm

I agree. If you want to check out a company who is focused on effeciency, check out emediatrade.com. They have a document system that works for everyone, and they automate some of these “effecient” systems.

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