NAB 2015: Aveco Products Preview

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At NAB 2015 Aveco will demonstrate ASTRA Studio 3, its third-generation news production automation.

ASTRA Studio 3 includes a host of new features designed to give the director flexibility in breaking news and more ways to improve the on-air look:

  • Journalists can edit a story even while it’s on air.
  • Floating shots provide the ability to handle events across multiple stories (set backgrounds, branding, graphics, etc.).
  • Video Search searches multiple storage systems to get a new clip quickly to air.
  • One-button release of CG control during times of breaking news.
  • A new template editor allows for developing and modifying story templates.

ASTRA Studio 3 provides multi-studio production automation, an important advantage for larger facilities over “single-studio” automation solutions. With Aveco, studios can easily be combined for major events.

When production runs long in one studio, projects can be instantly reassigned to other studios in a facility, with all production switcher settings, graphics, virtual sets, video roll-ins, on-set monitors, camera robotics, audio settings and lighting settings easily available in the alternate studio.

ASTRA Studio 3 MAM integration includes the ability to integrate with multiple third-party MAMs. This improves enterprise-wide efficiency by bridging islands of information into a cohesive workflow.


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