Pilot, Local Media Association Set Video Summit

Pilot, NAB’s innovation initiative, in partnership with the Local Media Association (LMA), will host The Video Summit: A Forum for Video Business Solutions on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018, at NAB headquarters in Washington.

The event will explore new strategies for video as they relate to over-the-top providers, broadcast, social media and emerging content distribution platforms.

“The rapid expansion of video use and consumption is creating new opportunities for media organizations and professionals,” said Pilot Executive Director John Clark. “The Video Summit will examine this growth in addition to the trends and best practices when developing and implementing profitable video strategies.”

Designed for digital media professionals and strategists, The Video Summit will feature case studies from numerous local media organizations. Additional highlights include:

• A keynote presentation by The Washington Post Director of Video and Senior Editor Micah Gelman.

• Digital video revenue projections by leading local media analyst Gordon Borrell.


• Local media content and revenue insight from YouTube and OTT platforms.

• Discussions on how augmented and virtual reality are impacting video and the media industry.

“There is a lot of experimentation going on with off-platform video,” said LMA President Nancy Lane. “This summit will highlight the most promising case studies, especially those with serious monetization strategies. We are delighted to once again partner with Pilot/NAB and bring the best minds in the industry together for sharing and collaboration.”

Registration is $395 and will increase to $495 after Jan. 12. Additional information and registration are available here.

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