DMA 72

Rentrak Adds WHO Des Moines

Rentrak Corp. today announced an expanded multi-year StationView Essentials contract with Local TV for its NBC affiliate, WHO Des Moines, Iowa (DMA 72). Rentrak also provides census-based TV ratings, advanced demographics and consumer ratings information to Local TV’s Fox affiliate WJW Cleveland.

“Rentrak’s sample size of data provides much better stability and predictive audience behavior insights which enables our stations to understand the duplication of our news audience with ease to help enhance the productivity of our local businesses,” said Dale Woods, WHO president-GM.

Available in all 210 TV markets, Rentrak’s StationView Essentials service features a fully-integrated database of detailed satellite, telco TV and cable viewing information from over 20 million televisions nationwide that incorporates viewing information from over 20 million televisions.

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