Floyd Dying Or Rioters: The Power Of Images

If the snapshot of this time is George Floyd on the ground, Derek Chauvin’s knee hard on his neck, society moves in one direction. But other images entice with a competing narrative: looters loading stolen goods into waiting cars; rogue protesters setting fires; graffiti on national monuments in Washington. For too many nights now, that narrative has gained strength — and moves the country closer to an outcome where force can be seen as both a short-term tactic and a long-term solution.

Australia Asks Embassy In U.S. To Register Concern Over Cameraman

Fox News Wins Total Viewers For Weekend Protest Coverage, CNN Tops Key Demo


MSNBC’s News Ticker Returns After Two-Year Absence

‘Wearing Both A Press Badge And Black Skin’

For black journalists, the civil unrest in cities across America isn’t just a big story. It’s personal and is forcing them to grapple with racial profiling and emotional trauma.

DA To Investigate Alleged Assault Of WSJ Reporter By NYPD During Protests

WGN Prepares For A National Newscast In A Crowded Market

WGN America Sets ‘News Nation’ Personnel

Nexstar’s primetime national newscast launches Sept. 1. Anchors Joe Donlon and Marni Hughes, breaking news anchor Rob Nelson and meteorologist Albert Ramon will be drawing from Nexstar’s team of 5,400 journalists in 110 newsrooms across the U.S.

WSVN Producer Released From Jail After Being Arrested While Covering Protests

Police Target Journalists As Trump Blames ‘Lamestream Media’ For Protests

FNC’s Carlson: Trump Too Lenient On Protests

In a rare challenge to President Trump on primetime Fox News, the host Tucker Carlson expressed dismay on Monday at the president’s handling of demonstrations against racism and police brutality around the country — urging Mr. Trump to be more harsh, not less, in cracking down on protesters.

ABC News Promotes Zohreen Shah To Multiplatform Reporter

Exit Interview With NAB’s Dennis Wharton

Dennis Wharton is exiting his post as chief spokesman and communications strategist for the National Association of Broadcasters at the end of June after 24 years, the longest such tenure in the group’s history. In a previous life, Wharton covered Washington as the D.C. bureau chief for Variety.

Pandemic Doesn’t Slow CBS’s Local OTT Rollout

CBS Local Digital has continued to spin up new OTT channels despite the coronavirus-prompted remote working shift. Executives say months of close collaboration between CBSN, the network’s streaming arm, and CBS Television Stations’ digital team allowed the group to stay on its charted course.


Trump Echoes Nixon In Targeting Twitter

Preston Padden: “In Nixon’s railing against the liberal bias of the networks, one can almost hear Mr. Trump railing against social-media companies.”

CNN Turns 40 Today. Here’s What It Was Like On Day One

How The Arrest Of CNN’s Omar Jimenez United Press Rivals

NBC O&Os Launch Multiplatform ‘LX News’

The new show will air live Monday to Friday at 8-10 a.m. and 8-10 p.m. ET via over-the-air TV, cable and OTT/streaming, offering “context” to its targeted audience of millennials and Gen Z-ers.

Record Ratings And Chaos On Cable News

Cable networks are facing threats, and opportunities, in a national crisis. Now, Fox is fighting back and CNBC is looking to the right. CNN is defined by Jeff Zucker, and he may run for mayor.


Commentary: What The Arrest Of A Black CNN Journalist On Air Taught Us

The mistake was always to think that it can’t happen here, because it can, it has and — unless we remain aware and vocal — it most certainly will again.

Press Foundation Documents At Least 100 Different ‘Incidents Of Aggressions’ Against Media


Journalists Under Assault From Police, Protesters

A Reporter’s Cry On TV: ‘I’m Getting Shot!’

From a television crew assaulted by protesters to a photographer struck in the eye, journalists have found themselves targeted on the streets of America.

More Journalists Injured Covering Protests

MSNBC host Ali Velshi, who said he was hit in the leg by a rubber bullet Saturday night in Minneapolis, is just one of many journalists across the country who sustained injuries from police or protesters while covering the George Floyd protests over the weekend.


WOIO Challenges Cleveland Curfew Orders

WOIO is objecting to the city of Cleveland’s ban on news media activities in specific areas of the city during the city’s now-extended curfew. VP-GM Erik Schrader asked the police to add a media exemption.


WAVE Condemns Police Shooting At Its News Crew

According to a statement from the station, at approximately 9:43 p.m. on Friday night, a Louisville Metro Police Department officer directly aimed and fired pepper balls at WAVE 3 News reporter Kaitlin Rust and  her cameramen, James Dobson.

KMSP GM Updates Staff After Rough Week

In a memo to the employees of the Minneapolis Fox O&O, Sheila Oliver addresses concerns over safety and security and reveals that the station has “arranged a news sharing ‘network’ with all four news stations to cover certain aspects of this story to avoid sending four crews to the same place. This is a plan without a lot of precedent and we are grateful that the market stations have responded to our request so positively.”

‘Meet The Press’ Goes To College

Former WBNS Weatherman Sentenced Over Child Pornography

Minn. Gov. Apologizes For Arrest Of CNN Crew

“This is a very public apology to that team,” Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said Friday at a news conference hours after correspondent Omar Jimenez and two colleagues were taken into custody by the Minnesota State Patrol and later released.