Facebook To Use VR Consumer Data To Target Ads

Facebook has notified consumers who use Oculus virtual reality headsets that it will collect their data from the gaming world and use it for advertising on the social network. Facebook made an update to Oculus privacy policies on Thursday, describing how it plans to track players in the virtual world and incorporate that activity into the company’s broader understanding of users.

FTC Weighs Seeking Injunction Against Facebook

Federal officials are considering seeking a preliminary injunction against Facebook over antitrust concerns related to how its products interact, according to people familiar with the matter. A majority of the five-member FTC would be needed to seek an injunction, which the commission would need to file suit in federal court to obtain.

Reporters Slam Social As Threat To News

Reporters Without Borders is seeking donations to its campaign to hold tech companies to the same ethical standards as news publishers, suggesting without it the click-driven ad model is a threat to reliable and accurate news. Currently, social media companies are not legally liable for their content, as are publishers, and generally argue they are not published, but rather platforms allowing others to publish speech.

Social Media Is A Trap

Jim Brady: “While we’ve been chasing that adulation and virality, social has been chipping away at the core of what journalism has spent decades building.”

Bloomberg Chooses Blackbird For Digital News Production

Cloud video platform provider Blackbird has signed a multi-year deal with Bloomberg Media for fast turnaround news editing and social publishing. Bloomberg Media will use Blackbird for simple, fast, collaborative video editing and publishing from the cloud. The Blackbird platform provides users with the ability to edit and enrich clips, craft packages and longer form […]

Facebook Working On Podcasts, Travel Apps

The social network is exploring new product areas through a team dedicated to building the company’s future.


On Facebook, KABC Focuses On Essentials

The Los Angeles ABC Owned Television Station, winner of TVNewsCheck’s Social Media Excellence Award for large market stations, aims to “dial in to the information people are going to need” on Facebook. Its high engagement there reflects efforts to connect with the market’s sizeable Hispanic viewership and its deft management of topic-specific Facebook Groups.


KKTV Builds Facebook Loyalty With Content

The Gray-owned, Colorado Springs CBS affiliate is this year’s Social Media Excellence Award winner for small-medium markets. Its robust audience has grown around the station’s commitment to a steady stream of locally important content there.

Internet Cos. Prepare To Fight ‘Deepfake’ Future

Researchers are creating tools to find AI-generated fake videos before they become impossible to detect. Some experts fear it is a losing battle. Above, actors were filmed in a variety of scenes. The top picture is their actual image, with a deepfake altered image below it.


How WKRC Hopes To Lure Younger Viewers

YouTube is not a new platform, but young reporters like WKRC Cincinnati’s Clancy Burke are part of a growing phenomenon that reflects its popularity. Millennial and Gen-Z hires in local TV newsrooms are increasingly likely to have established YouTube “brands” of their own — creating both a challenge and an opportunity for their bosses.

Campaigns Press Facebook On Political Ads

When Google said it would limit the ability of political advertisers to target voters, campaigns said they did not want Facebook to follow.


Reporting Is On Trial In Trump Coverage

Emily Bell: Newsrooms often lack a strategy to cope with the new world of instant social media outrage.

Al Jazeera To Facebook: Get Your Shit Together on Disinformation

Facebook Under Scrutiny As News Publisher

A little more than two weeks after Facebook announced a news initiative, the social network was on the defensive, responding to a published report that a website co-founded by the company’s top news executive had displayed bias against Elizabeth Warren.

Facebook Ponders Limits On Campaign Ads

Facebook is considering restricting politicians’ ability to use highly detailed demographic and personal information to narrowly target would-be voters with ads, policy chief Nick Clegg confirmed Thursday in an interview with Politico — in a possible shift in the social network’s broadly permissive policy on political advertising.

Fox News Approaches One Year Without Main Twitter Feed

Facebook Sued For Age, Gender Bias In Ads

Facebook Inc was sued on Thursday in a proposed class action accusing it of discriminating against older and female users by withholding advertising for financial services such as bank accounts, insurance, investments and loans.

Twitter Shakes Up Fight Over Political Ads

The company earned a wave of praise from Democrats over its move, announced Wednesday, but faced harsh criticism from many on the right, who questioned if it amounted to censorship.


Kara Swisher: Your Move, Facebook

Twitter will no longer allow political advertising, a move that places Twitter and Jack Dorsey in stark contrast to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

Dissent Erupts At Facebook Over Hands-Off Stance On Political Ads


Twitter Rev Hit By Lower Advertising, Demand

Twitter Inc. posted worse-than-expected third quarter revenue and profit on Thursday, which the company attributed to advertising problems including product bugs and unusually low demand over the summer, sending its shares down about 15%.

Hill Hammers Zuckerberg Over Controversies

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday fielded sharp criticism and tough questions about nearly all aspects of his company’s business practices at a hearing about Facebook’s new cryptocurrency project Libra. The aggressive questioning underlined how difficult it will be for the Libra project to move past the baggage of Facebook’s various controversies, which have angered lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

States Launch Facebook Antitrust Investigation

The investigation by a coalition of 47 state attroneys general focuses on whether Facebook’s dominance in the industry may have led to anticompetitive behavior that harms consumers.

Senators Want Portable Social Media Data

Three U.S. lawmakers active in tech issues will introduce a bill requiring social networks like Facebook to allow users to pack up their data and go elsewhere, Sen. Mark Warner’s office said in a statement on Tuesday. The senators, Republican Josh Hawley and Democrats Warner and Richard Blumenthal, are introducing the bill at a time when there is growing concern that Facebook, along with Alphabet’s Google, have become so powerful that smaller rivals are unable to lure away their users.

What Facebook Is Doing To Protect The 2020 U.S. Elections

Facebook Finds New Disinformation Campaigns

Facebook on Monday said it had found and taken down four state-backed disinformation campaigns, the latest of dozens the company has identified and removed this year. Three of the campaigns originated in Iran, and one in Russia, Facebook said, with state-backed actors disguised as genuine users. Their posts targeted people in North Africa, Latin America and the United States, the company said.

Facebook Reaches Deal With Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal reports that News Corp. has reached a deal to let Facebook feature headlines from The Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones media properties, as well as the New York Post, in the social media giant’s coming news section, the companies said. Journal subscribers can read the full story here.

Best, Worst Ways For Journos To Use Reddit

If your local news team is just using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it is missing out on a platform that often produces unique story ideas: Reddit. As of 2017, Reddit had 330 million average monthly users — which Social Media Today says puts it on par with Twitter. But Reddit is not your typical digital platform.

NAB Pushes STELAR Expiration

With the clock ticking down on the renewal, or sunset, of the STELAR compulsory license, the National Association of Broadcasters bought a Facebook ad flight in key markets pushing for the license’s expiration. And while the ads have not been carrying a “political advertising” disclaimer, NAB said they would going forward.


WFOX’s Bridgette Matter: Hooked On TikTok

TikTok is not as well known as Instagram or Twitter, but WFOX’s Bridgette Matter thinks it may just replace them as the next big platform. That’s why the Jacksonville anchor/reporter jumped on board. Matter says that her station, like everyone else, talks about how important it is to interact with social media, but “no one’s focusing on TikTok … yet.”

Facebook To Settle Advertiser Lawsuit For $40M

Advertisers sued Facebook in 2016 over user metrics that supposedly measured the average length of time consumers spent viewing posted video ads. The lawsuit said that the time was inflated by up to 900 percent and that helped convince advertisers to buy Facebook’s video advertising services.

Phones Are Alive, With The Sounds Of Couric

Instagram! iHeartRadio! Email! The veteran television personality is back with a desire for your little screens.

EU: Facebook Can Be Forced To Delete Content

The decision by the EU’s top court that individual countries can order Facebook to take down posts globally sets a benchmark for the reach of European laws governing the internet.

Social Media Giants Caught In 2020 Vise

The social media giants are stuck in a vise as both Democrats and the Trump campaign look for an edge by accusing the platforms of favoring the other side. On one side are Democrats, who are demanding that Facebook and Twitter censor President Trump and his campaign. On the other end are Trump and the Republicans, who have long held that conservative voices are being suppressed by Silicon Valley liberals reacting to elite media outrage at the president and his supporters.


Social Media Excellence Awards Nominees

The second annual honors in four categories will be presented on Dec. 16 at TVNewsCheck’s NewsTECHForum.


WDIV Scores Big On Kids Choir’s National Story

Last Tuesday, 52 members of the Detroit Youth Choir took the stage on the NBC hit show, America’s Got Talent. WDIV, Detroit’s NBC affiliate, turned the appearance into a ratings and social media winner. “We were so happy to use the power of TV and digital to rally the community and put a spotlight on Detroit’s kids,” said Marla Drutz, WDIV’s general manager.

DOJ To Open Facebook Antitrust Investigation

The Justice Department will open an antitrust investigation of Facebook, a person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday, marking the fourth recent antitrust probe of the social media company.

Facebook Suspends ’10s Of Thousands’ Of Apps

The scale of suspensions, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, was far larger than the social network had previously revealed.

Nielsen Now Tracks Celebs’ Social-Media Touts Of TV Shows


TV Viewers, Twitter Followers: Separate But Equal

“There are two sides to every story.” We’ve all heard that before, but when it comes to reporting on social media, especially live-tweeting, journalists often sacrifice thoroughness for immediacy — post what you see and hear and the job’s done. That is, unless you’re Joy Wang, a reporter and weekend weather anchor for Hubbard Broadcasting’s KOB in Albuquerque, N.M.