Comscore Launches QuickScore For Local TV

Working with partners including Nexstar, Comscore says the new service provides preliminary ratings within 48 hours of a telecast to “empower local TV to plan and evaluate with more immediacy.”

Comscore today introduced Comscore QuickScore, a television ratings report that provides viewership insights to local media within 48 hours of broadcast for faster, more efficient ad sales, programming and promotional decisions.

Through the combination of Comscore’s massive, near census-based television footprint and advanced audience demographics, the company says QuickScore “delivers a rapid yet representative, view of local television consumption to help local television stations proactively manage schedules, and make important sales, programming and promotional decisions more quickly and confidently.

“As panel-based television measurement struggles with unprecedented challenges to maintain panel quality because of sample declines and technology maintenance during the Coronavirus crisis, Comscore’s passive measurement provides the stability the industry seeks.”

Comscore worked with partners, including Nexstar Broadcasting, to launch QuickScore, which will provide preliminary ratings for the top 30 local markets as well as Columbus, Ohio, and Hartford, Conn., and will report initial ratings for ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates in these markets, along with major independents such as WGN Chicago.

Comscore said QuickScore local market ratings is now available to these 32 markets and will continue to expand into other markets in the coming quarters.

“Nexstar Broadcasting is encouraged with the development of QuickScore and Comscore’s more expedient ratings delivery service,” said Tim Busch, president of Nexstar Broadcasting. “We look forward to working with Comscore in their newest offering to provide timely ratings data across many Nexstar markets, and with our advertising and marketing partners, who will receive the benefit of this additional viewership reporting.”


Using audience estimates produced by Comscore’s massive and passively-collected measurement of 30 million homes across the U.S., QuickScore provides insights into what and when audiences are consuming content. Comscore said stations are able to access data “faster than ever before, enabling them to make speedy programming and promotional decisions, and adjust campaigns on-the-fly, boosting overall campaign success in this changing viewing environment.”

“We are proud to have quickly developed this ability to get our clients the insights they need in the time frame when it matters the most,” said Bill Livek, CEO-vice chairman of Comscore. “QuickScore will allow our clients to expedite decisions to positively impact their programming, promotional and advertising strategy.”

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