Top Five Interactive News Stories Of 2018

This year was a tumultuous one, characterized by a relentless stream of stories that dominated newscasts across America. From national and international headlines such as the midterms elections and the U.S.-North Korea nuclear summit to lighter fare such as Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding and the “Yanny or Laurel” debate, there was no shortage of stories to captivate the attention of news enthusiasts.

When controversial news stories break, more than 70 local and national news organizations across the country use Megaphone TV’s live polling suite to measure audience sentiment in real-time, giving a voice to over 60% of local US TV households.

“Now, more than ever, viewer voices matter,” said Megaphone TV CEO Dan Albritton. “Megaphone TV gives audiences a platform to join the conversation and share their thoughts on the issues that directly affect their lives.”

Megapone TV’s top five news stories of 2018 that generated the most interactive viewer engagement are:

  • Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Controversy
  • NFL Anthem Protests (including Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign)
  • Gun Control
  • Roseanne Cancellation
  • Immigration/Child Separation

Megaphone TV says it sees common characteristics among the stories that generate the most participation.

“When a story like the Kavanaugh confirmation breaks in the middle of a volatile, emotionally-charged midterm election campaign; that is the perfect storm of controversy,” Albritton said. “National political issues engage audiences because there is a strong emotional impact for people on both sides of the story. Regardless of your political leaning, those stories strike a nerve. And Megaphone TV gives viewers a chance to express their opinions.”


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