Stations Use Megaphone TV To Amplify Ratings

TV station groups all across the country, like Tegna, Cox, and the ABC-owned stations, are using Megaphone TV’s live polling, live voting and live trivia on social and on-air to drive and hold viewers during their newscasts. “We look at it as something that helps us connect with our viewers and helps our viewers connect with us, and it gets our viewers to be heard,” said Rhonda LaVelle, WXYZ Detroit’s news director.

Top Five Interactive News Stories Of 2018

This year was a tumultuous one, characterized by a relentless stream of stories that dominated newscasts across America. From national and international headlines such as the midterms elections and the U.S.-North Korea nuclear summit to lighter fare such as Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding and the “Yanny or Laurel” debate, there was no shortage of stories […]

Megaphone TV Boosts Presence With Partnerships

Viewer engagement platform Megaphone TV announced new and extended partnerships with some of the biggest content providers in television and OTT/streaming. These national and international partnerships are in addition to Megaphone’s presence in 24 out of the top 25 local U.S. television markets. Megaphone enhances the viewer experience of live video content through features including […]


Social Media At 11 (And Other Newscasts)

TV stations are arming themselves with software that allows them to slice and dice social media to gauge audience interest in stories, share viewer feedback and even predict what stories will become larger issues in the future. Other software speeds social integration into newscasts.