Dalet Offers Mobility Advancements For News Operations

Dalet, a provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, has rolled out mobility enhancements for the management, performance and user experience of remote newsroom operations.

Dalet says it has made major usability improvements to its Dalet On-the-Go mobile app for smartphones and tablets, “boosting the collaborative experience between remote journalists and the newsroom with advanced content contribution and remote planning capabilities through a brand new, modern UI.”

Advancements to the underlying Dalet Galaxy five news production and distribution platform bring powerful remote editing features like cloud-based “edit while record” and support for modern open-source communications frameworks to accelerate secure content exchange across multisite and distributed newsrooms operations.

Dalet Galaxy xCloud, the dedicated, cloud-hosted system managed by Dalet as a full SaaS service, also benefits from these enhancements and connects securely with your existing on-premises system, supporting advanced workflows for remote editing and news production teams.

“Every improvement Dalet has made has the end-user in mind to help with agility and efficiency with remote production. This is critical when a journalist is working against the clock, where every keystroke counts while working from their home office or any remote location,” says Bea Alonso, Dalet director of product marketing. “Our digital-first product strategy focuses on mobility and flexibility. Dalet On-the-Go and remote news production solutions, like Dalet Galaxy xCloud, empower journalists, reporters and chief editors with the technology they need to pivot, remain productive and keep telling vital stories.”
Dalet On-the-Go

Available from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, the latest release of Dalet On-the-Go connects journalists, reporters and chief editors to the newsroom allowing them to manage assignments, story development, review and approval, rundowns, planning, status and contact search, all remotely. Users can easily access their Dalet Galaxy five catalog of video, audio, scripts and wires. Advanced content contribution capabilities and templates let users record media and craft stories quickly mixing local media together with remote content stored within the Dalet Galaxy five system. Dalet’s smart upload features guard against connectivity issues, reconnecting to the upload exactly where it left off when necessary. A feature-rich teleprompter supports on-the-fly reporting while tickers, wires and chat messages keep staff connected to information and late-breaking news.


“Dalet On-the-Go, combined with other mobility offerings such as Dalet WebSpace, provides optimal flexibility and mobility. With a standard internet connection, you can manage the entire newsroom flow from your laptop, tablet or phone. It’s extremely powerful,” Bea says.

Dalet Galaxy five and Dalet Galaxy xCloud

Recently launched as a packaged solution to help with current mobility challenges, the SaaS-based Dalet Galaxy xCloud offering is a full-featured version of the latest Dalet Galaxy five platform that, hosted by Dalet, leverages the cloud to facilitate end-to-end, remote news production workflows. The core remote editing framework supports advanced proxy editing workflows, mixing of central and local content, with proxy content cached locally to eliminate disruptions due to limited bandwidth. Rendering is offloaded to the Dalet Galaxy xCloud system, optimizing performance to break news faster.

Bea says: “Dalet’s business model, which flows from perpetual CAPEX investment to subscription with SaaS, affords us the opportunity to transform the way we imagine our products and quickly innovate in critical areas such as mobility and flexibility. Our DevOps approach accelerates sequencing of Dalet releases, allowing us to introduce critical adjustments and enhancements as required by our customers in this challenging period.”

In addition to the rapid release of customer-centric features, Dalet Galaxy five’s new public API empowers news organizations to customize workflow capabilities and integrations, further optimizing specific operations and business opportunities.

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