WBRC To Debut Weekday 4 P.M, Newscast

With the Sept. 12 introduction of the hour-long The Four, the Raycom Fox affiliate in Birmingham, Ala., will be producing nearly 60 of local news a week.

Raycom-owned Fox affiliate WBRC Birmingham, Ala. (DMA 45), will launch a new hour-long newscast at 4 p.m. beginning on Monday, Sept. 12.

“With the addition of this new newscast, WBRC FOX6 News is better positioned to provide the news our viewers want at the times they want it,” said Shannon Maze, the station’s news director.

The newscast, titled The Four will be anchored by WBRC veterans Sarah Verser, Beth Shelburne, and newcomer, Bree Sison, a former anchor and reporter for WBZ Boston who joined the station in late August. Jill Gilardi will provide weather and traffic.

The format will include the latest local, national, and international headlines as well as comprehensive weather and traffic information. In addition, it will feature WBRC FOX6 News is On Your Side to help resolve investigative and consumer issues.

With the inclusion of The Four, WBRC will produce nearly 60 hours of weekly local news.

WBRC’s programming schedule will shift to accommodate The Four. Crime Watch Daily, which just announced veteran investigative journalist Chris Hansen as its new host, will move to 2 p.m., while Judge Judy will begin airing at 3.


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