WPVI, WUVP In Hispanic News Collaboration

The ABC and Univision O&Os will share news resources both on air and across their digital and mobile platforms.

ABC O&O WPVI Philadelphia (DMA4) is teaming up with the market’s Univision O&O WUVP to collaborate on newsgathering and content sharing, with the goal of improving coverage of the Latino communities across the region.

WPVI says for its viewers, “this will mean more content regarding the vibrant and growing Hispanic community.”

The station’s President-GM, Bernie Prazenica, said: “This partnership will strengthen our newsgathering capabilities within the Latino community. Univision is the premiere Spanish-language television brand in America, and we’re excited to share news resources with them.”

TV news viewers may not visually notice the impact of the collaboration, but the value of the partnership is already having an effect. “Univision 65 has already been utilizing our Chopper6 HD video for a few weeks now”, says Tom Davis, VP-news director. “And the news team at Univision has already proved valuable, helping us secure several exclusive stories that impact the Hispanic community.”

The WPVI-Univision partnership will also offer more content on digital platforms. “We want to better connect younger Hispanics with Action News, and we know our best chance to reach them is through digital and mobile platforms.” Davis added. “Ultimately, this makes our product better, so it’s a win for us and it’s a win for our news viewers.”

As part of this partnership, WUVP plans to launch a live, local 11 p.m. edition of Noticias 65, on Thursday, Dec. 26.


“Our partnership with 6abc in Philadelphia is a local progression of our national partnership with ABC,” said Ramon Pineda, WUVP senior vice president. (ABC and Univision launched Fusion, an English-language cable news and lifestyle network for Hispanics, in October.) Pineda added: “The addition of Philadelphia to the roster of existing partnerships reaffirms our commitment to informing, educating, and empowering the Hispanic community in the region.”

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