Tedial’s Fernández-Campón To Present At HPA

Julián Fernández-Campón, director of architectural solutions at Tedial, an independent MAM technology solutions specialist, will share the benefits and considerations of adopting IMF in Media Asset Management Systems with attendees of the HPA 2018 Tech Retreat. Fernández-Campón’s presentation, titled “How Adopting IMF in MAM Systems Results in Greater Efficiency and Lower Costs” will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 11:35 a.m. and serve as a resource to those interested in understanding the benefits of utilizing IMF in MAM systems, and the considerations that need to be addressed to reduce storage and achieve a simplified, efficient and cost-effective end-to-end workflow.

The HPA Tech Retreat, which will be held Feb. 19-23 in Palm Desert, Calif., is an annual event that provides a forum for engineering, technical, and creative talent, as well as business leaders from all aspects of digital-cinema, post-production, film television, video and related technologies to network, learn and exchange information.

Fernández-Campón’s presentation will use real-world references and examples to discuss the guidelines that a new generation of MAM systems must follow to offer an IMF end-to-end workflow, including: leveraging IMF specifications, managing new version generation efficiently to ensure replication doesn’t occur until required, delivering content into an IMF specification seamlessly, and ingesting the IMF packages as they arrive and being able to generate new ones according to the SMPTE specifications.

It will also reveal specific facts and figures relevant to adopting IMF, such as resources optimization (Storage, CPU), reducing the processing times, interoperability and workflow efficiencies.

Fernández-Campón is responsible for product solution design at Tedial, ensuring that the company’s products adhere to SMPTE and IT standards. He plays a crucial role in configuring and facilitating Tedial’s broadcast Enterprise installations and leading the on-going adaptation of the system to third party products and solutions.

His experience with computer-related companies dates back to 1997 when he launched his career with telecommunication giant Alcatel in software development. In 2000 he moved to the university research group that would become Tedial, where he was involved with software development and system analysis for the company’s first versions of its flagship Tarsys Media Asset Management solution.


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