On The IBC Exhibit Floor: TAG V.S.

TAG V.S. | Stand 1-F94 | http://www.tagvs.com/

TAG V.S., an international specialist in advanced IP monitoring and high-quality UHD Multiviewers, will showcase its software-only MCM-9000U IP-Multiviewer and monitoring system at IBC 2018. The first of its kind in the industry, the MCM-9000U supports SMPTE’s recently published ST 2110 suite of standards for managed IP networks that address HD and UHD uncompressed video and audio streams at the Inputs and Outputs. Demonstrations will be held on TAG’s Stand 1-F94 in Hall 1 of the RAI.

The company will also highlight its TAG Decryptor for real time decryption, monitoring and viewing of OTT content; the MBC-7000 IP Multiviewer; and MCR-6000 real-time live audio transcoding solution.

MCM-9000U — Based on TAG’s state-of-the-art flagship MCM-9000, the upgraded solution combines sophisticated technology with simple operation for a complete Multiviewer and monitoring solution that supports multiple formats, including compressed, uncompressed and OTT – all on the same platform. The solution automatically scans networks, detects services, and utilizes simple drag and drop configuration capabilities for a totally customizable visual mosaic – viewable from anywhere, including mobile devices. The implementation of uncompressed UHD 2110-21 output – the first development of this kind in the industry – results in unmatched picture quality at the mosaic output. Outputs from the monitored services also feature rich data overlays that serve as a strong tool for real-time error detection and alerts.

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Capable of receiving large quantities of uncompressed sources and displaying them on the same screen, the MCM-9000U can create and display more “tiles”, thus reducing the number of monitors and interface devices required resulting in greater hardware efficiency. The versatile and flexible solution adapts to the changing needs of the user without the need to change equipment, providing substantial cost savings and allowing the facility to keep ahead of the curve as technology evolves.  And because the software and licenses remain the same as hardware is replaced, costs are minimized over the life-span of the product.

The MCM-9000U includes an intuitive web-based tool for layout creation and editing that facilitates the generation of multiple configurations, with numerous “tile” types and a variety of visual structures. The scalable solution runs on off-the-shelf hardware, making it easy to implement, and minimizes the overall cost of initial ownership. Everything the customer needs, including the OS, a bootable product image and license, is delivered in its entirety on a Flash drive.


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TAG Decryptor — TAG will also highlight its popular TAG Decryptor, a proven and secure method of real time decryption, monitoring and viewing of OTT content after the packager within the secure zone. TAG Decryptor gives content owners confidence that all their content will remain secured while streaming.

MBC-7000 IP Multiviewer — The easy to deploy and configure MBC-7000 IP Multiviewer enables creation of a Broadcast quality mosaic channel from a mixture of sources in a variety of layouts. The software only based product creates HD & SD mosaic video streams, encoded and transmitted as standard H.264/MPEG-2 SPTS over IP, enabling remote management and very flexible installation topology.

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MCR-6000 — The MCR-6000 provides real-time live transcoding of internet audio streams, such as radio stations into MPEG TS compliant IP stream.

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