‘Judy’ Stays On Top As More Newcomers Debut

The record-setting show easily outperformed all syndies for the eighth straight week with a 6.5 live-plus-same-day national Nielsen, which was more than triple the rating of the next highest court program.

Judge Judy hit an astonishing 1,200 straight weeks as syndication’s No. 1 court show in the session ending Sept. 22. Judy, of course, has earned the highest ratings of any first-run program every season for the past decade and has been the top gaveler every week for more than 23 years.

For the current frame, the record-setting show easily outperformed all syndies for the eighth straight week with a 6.5 live-plus-same-day national Nielsen, which was more than triple the rating of the next highest court program. That second-highest courtroom was Judge Judy Sheindlin’s most successful creation after Judge JudyHot Bench, which got a 2.1.

Among the high-profile newcomers to syndication, The Kelly Clarkson Show remained the clear leader, despite giving back 13% from its premiere to a still-impressive 1.4. Among all 14 syndicated talkers, Clarkson’s second week ranked behind only three shows, each of which as been on the air for at least 17 years: Ellen, Live and talk leader Dr. Phil.

Week two ratings for Tamron Hall, the second-highest original talkshow launched since 2014 (other than Clarkson), dipped 10% from its big opening week to a still very respectable 0.9, outscoring popular veteran Dr. Oz, which is now in its 11th season.

Next in the rookie chatfest line was The Mel Robbins Show, which debuted at a 0.4.

Turning to the freshman court shows, Judge Jerry, starring Jerry Springer, eased 9% from its opening session, the best court debut since Hot Bench in 2014, to a still-strong 1.0 and was the top-rated new gaveler by far.


Further down the docket, Personal Injury Court bowed with a 0.4, followed by the premiere of Protection Court at a 0.3.

New entries in the game show category were 25 Words or Less, which tallied a 0.8 for its first week, and America Says, which got a 0.5 in its opening frame.

Returning to veterans, Dr. Phil finished first in talk for the 159th week in a row with a steady 2.3.

Live with Kelly and Ryan grew 5% to a 13-week high 3.0 and took the genre’s silver medal, jumping ahead of Ellen DeGeneres, which declined 5% to a 1.8.

Wendy Williams returned to original shows and moved into fourth place among the established talkers, ahead of the veteran Maury, although behind newcomer Clarkson, with a 33% leap to a 1.2.

On the magazine rack, Entertainment Tonight, which rose 4% to a 17-week high 2.6, was the only show moving up, tying an unchanged Inside Edition at the head of the class. Among women 25-54 however, ET was the clear mag leader, climbing 10% to a 1.1.

Meanwhile, Jeopardy added 4% and topped the game shows with a 5.7.

The week’s top-rated daytime talk shows in the women 25-54 demo were:

  • Dr. Phil (1.0, unchanged from the week before)
  • Live with Kelly and Ryan (0.9, unchanged)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (0.8, -11%)
  • Kelly Clarkson (0.7, unchanged)
  • Maury (0.6, -14%), tied with Wendy Williams (0.6, +50%)
  • Steve Wilkos (0.5, unchanged)

In the household rating rankings that follow, % change is from the previous week; * indicates a new season-high rating; ** indicates a new season low; NC indicates no change from the previous week; NA mean not applicable.


Dr. Phil (CTD) 2.3 NC

Live with Kelly and Ryan (Disney-ABC) 2.0 +5%

Ellen DeGeneres (WBDTD) 1.8 -5%

Wendy Williams (Debmar-Mercury) 1.2 +33%

Maury (NBCU) 1.1-8%

Rachael Ray (CTD) 1.0 NC

Steve Wilkos (NBCU) 0.9 -10%

Dr. Oz (Sony) 0.8 -11%

The Real (WBDTD) 0.6 +20%

The Doctors (CTD) 0.5 NC

Jerry Springer (NBCU) 0.3 NC


The Kelly Clarkson Show (NBCU) 1.4 -13%

Judge Jerry (NBCU) 1.0 -9%

Tamron Hall (Disney-ABC) 0.9 -10%

25 Words or Less (CTD) 0.8 NA

America Says (Sony) 0.5 NA

Mel Robbins (Sony) 0.4 NA

Personal Injury Court (MGM) 0.4 NA

Protection Court (Trifecta) 0.3 NA


Judge Judy (CTD) 6.5 -3%

Hot Bench(CTD) 2.1 +11%

People’s Court (WBDTD) 1.3 -13%

Judge Mathis (WBDTD) 0.9 -10%

Divorce Court (20th Television) 0.7 NC

Caught in Providence (Debmar-Mercury) 0.4 -20%


Jeopardy (CTD) 5.7 +4%

Family Feud (Debmar-Mercury/FMNA) 5.6 -2%

Wheel of Fortune (CTD) 5.4 +2%

Funny You Should Ask(Entertainment Studios) 0.4 -20%


Dateline M-F (NBCU) 1.1 -8%

Live PD: Police Patrol (Sony) 1.0 NC

Chicago P.D. (NBCU) 0.8 NC


Inside Edition (CTD) 2.6 NC

Entertainment Tonight (CTD) 2.6 +4%

Access Hollywood (NBCU) 1.4 NC

TMZ (WBDTD) 1.0 -9%

Extra (WBDTD) 0.9 NC

Daily Mail TV (CTD) 0.8 NC

Celebrity Page (Trifecta) 0.2 NC


Big Bang Theory (WBDTD) 2.8** -3%

Last Man Standing (20th Television) 2.0 -5%

Modern Family (20th Television) 1.6 +7%

Two and a Half Men (WBDTD) 1.2 NC

The Goldbergs(Sony) 1.2 NC

Family Guy (20th Television) 1.1 +10%

Seinfeld (Sony) 0.9 NC

Mike and Molly (WBDTD) 0.9 NC

Black-ish (Disney-ABC) 0.8** -20%

Two Broke Girls (WBDTD) 0.8 NC


Dateline Weekly (NBCU) 3.0 -9%

NCIS: New Orleans (CTD) 1.3 NC

Chicago P.D. (NBCU) 1.3 +18%

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBCU) 1.1 -21%

Castle (Disney-ABC) 1.1 +10%

American Ninja Warrior (NBCU)

Madam Secretary (CTD) 1.0 +11%

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