RTW TouchMonitor With Ravenna/AES67 Now Shipping

RTW now is offering a new version of its TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 models.

These two new audio meters with I/O cards that are enabled for connecting with Ravenna or AES67-based IP Audio networks right out of the box is now available through RTW dealers worldwide.

These new meters align with RTW’s strategic efforts to embrace networked audio. Last year, Dante versions of TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 were introduced, and with these new and even more broadcast-focused meters, two key bases within the IP Audio sphere are covered in full.

“We recognize that many broadcasters today are in a transition phase, moving towards networked audio,” says Andreas Tweitmann, CEO of RTW. “Therefore, it has been — and continues to be — a priority that we make sure any broadcaster who decides to take this significant step is able to integrate our audio metering solutions seamlessly as part of their network. I am pleased that both our Ravenna and Dante meters are now on the market.”

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