Sinclair To Launch Headline News Service

In the initial phase, it will air weekday mornings from 6 to 9 across Sinclair's CW and MNT affiliates, as well as on STIRR, Sinclair's free, over-the-top streaming platform. It's hiring to fill 25 new positions to staff the new initiative.

Sinclair Broadcast Group today announced that it will be introducing a headline news service scheduled to premiere in early 2021. This new program, it says, “will report on the news as it happens, providing dynamic and timely journalism and insight into the most important stories happening each day.”

In the initial phase, the headline news service will air weekday mornings from 6 to 9 a.m. across Sinclair’s CW and MyNetworkTV affiliates, as well as on STIRR, Sinclair’s free, over-the-top streaming platform.

Sinclair says the headline news service will primarily focus on “and elevate commentary-free content provided by Sinclair’s extensive network of local broadcast stations, and will also offer original content produced specifically for the program. Further, it will bring some of the most important national stories to audiences as well, making it one of the only platforms available that can simultaneously provide both local and national perspectives on the day’s most pressing news.”

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The headline news service was developed based on the premise that audiences are more interested in news as it is occurring, with much of the day’s most critical news unfolding at the local level all across the country. Sinclair says that by leveraging its on-the-ground resources, “this program will provide comprehensive coverage of important daily stories, whether it’s from a local town hall or the White House. With this new service, a solo anchor will bring viewers on a journey across the country to highlight stories happening in the moment, covering the issues and events that are driving the day’s conversations. Audiences will be taken on a minute-by-minute journey to the intersection of news and their community, offering an understanding of how the news impacts them.”

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This initiative also comes on the heels of COVID-19 News and Election 2020, two channels that premiered on STIRR and brought viewers election and COVID-19 news as it was unfolding across the country. Sinclair said these channels “were incredibly well-received by audiences and quickly became among the most watched on the platform.” Now Sinclair is taking novel approach to a broader audience that includes broadcast television.

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the demonstrations occurring across our country has reminded us of the important, invaluable role that local news plays in our communities,” said Chris Ripley, president-CEO of Sinclair. “Every national story has its roots in local communities and with this new platform, we will ensure that more voices and stories are elevated to the attention of viewers everywhere. This headline news service is part of our ongoing commitment to connect more viewers with more content everywhere.”


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In addition to the main anchor, the service will feature a Live Desk tasked with reporting new details and insights on significant stories throughout the day. This will provide audiences with an informative look at the day ahead in real time, giving them the facts to help determine what to anticipate with developing stories.

As part of this effort, the company also announced it will be hiring 25 new positions to staff this new initiative. Job postings will go live today and roles include:

  • Anchors
  • Producers
  • Reporters
  • Editors
  • Photographers
  • Directors

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