NBC Spot On’s Inventory Is Now Accessible To OTT/CTV Buyers On Mediaocean

The NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations’ division has entered into a multiyear partnership with Mediaocean to help advertisers access NBC Spot On’s inventory through Mediaocean’s Spectra platform. NBC Spot On is the Owned Stations’ division advanced video advertising business designed for local/regional CTV and OTT advertisers. Effective immediately, advertisers can buy NBC Spot On’s inventory across 100% of U.S. DMAs and NBC Sports Regional Networks.

“As TV viewing habits continue to trend towards connected TV viewing, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations has solidified a partnership with Mediaocean to ensure local buyers have frictionless access to the next generation of TV buying,” said Shawn Makhijani, SVP, NBC Spot On.

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Mediaocean processes $150 billion in media spend annually from all major holding companies, independent agencies and sellers around the globe. Partnering with NBC Spot On allows Mediaocean clients a means to purchase premium OTT inventory seamlessly alongside TV, without having to alter their current workflow.

NBC Spot On’s key features for Mediaocean clients:

  • NBC Spot On harnesses the power of Comcast NBCUniversal.
  • One-on-one access to NBC Spot On industry experts and NBC station sales professionals all across the country.
  • Geotargeting and audience targeting to boost advertiser reach with key audiences.
  • OTT/CTV advertisers can activate complex campaigns across all U.S. DMAs and NBCU’s regional sports networks.
  • Unrestricted access to long-form premium inventory that is fully owned or directly purchased.
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