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Matthews Studio Equipment has added a sixth member of the new Vator III series of heavy-duty cranking stands.

“We began making Vators over 35 years ago,” says Robert Kulesh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Matthews Studio Equipment. “As we visit our friends and potential customers around the world, it’s amazing to see many of the original Vators still in use. It’s a testament to the Matthews mission — to make high-quality equipment that will be there, no matter what is needed.”

The Vator II stands were updates of the original Vators and were introduced about 15 years ago. “We are constantly asking for and listening to comments from people in the field,” adds Kulesh. “The biggest request from our customers is reliability. Productions are traveling all over the world — often in very remote locations or places where motion picture equipment support is sketchy at best. It’s no longer a simply trip down the street for a quick fix. It’s a shipment halfway around the world — which costs in time and money. So, MSE set out to manufacture this new line with a minimum of moving parts to ensure the stands will take what is thrown at them — and not break down under production pressures.”

The new Vator IIIs are manufactured using the latest CAD-CAM techniques, precision laser cutting/machining and CNC machining to ensure accuracy and dependability. The “core” of the Vator III stands is the precision rack and pinion gear drive mechanism that reduces components within the drive train to only two moving parts. This ensures years of reliable operation with minimal maintenance.


“We are so confident in the new Vator III stands that we are covering these products with a two year warranty on parts and manufacturing.” adds Kulesh.

This new Super Vator will be added to the series — now six models that range from a two-foot a single riser LoBoy, through the Crank and Super Cranks — all the way to the Mega Vator offering a 15-foot height and 200 pound capacity.


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