Bob Cook New VP-GM Of Fox’s L.A. Duopoly

The former president of Twentieth Television tapped to head KTTV and KCOP following the retirement of Kevin Hale.

Bob Cook today was named vice president and general manager of the Fox duopoly in Los Angeles (DMA 2) comprising KTTV (Fox) and KCOP (MNT). He succeeds Kevin Hale who announced his retirement recently.

Cook assumes this position this month and will report directly to Jack Abernethy, CEO, Fox Television Stations.

Cook joined Twentieth Television in 2000 as president, and oversaw the domestic syndication business for the Fox studios, which included all of the off-net program sales and Twentieth’s first run productions distributed to local broadcast stations and cable networks throughout the US.

In 2010, after almost a decade as president of Twentieth Television, Cook established an entertainment and consulting business, MBN Inc., with clients that ranged from program producers, television studios, television stations, cable companies and internet/digital companies to brand integration, promotion and marketing companies.

Prior to joining Twentieth Television, Cook was EVP of CBS Enterprises and before that, SVP for Sony’s Columbia Tri Star Television.

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July 26, 2018 at 4:52 pm

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