Tegna Doubles Down On Video Call Center

The station group increased its investment in the technology that allows video call-in shows and other interactive programs and secured global rights to use it, according to VCC and its managing partner.

Tegna Media has secured global rights to the Video Call Center’s IP video production technology and increased its investment in the company, according to VCC and its managing partner Wolzien LLC.

Tegna Media, which has already begun producing shows with the technology, announced its initial investment in VCC last June.

 “We are glad Tegna Media is continuing to partner with us and admire their efforts to deliver relevant, engaging and innovative programming across platforms,” said Tom Wolzien, VCC executive chairman.

The Video Call Center enables a new genre of television — video caller television. The program’s host controls on-air guests, experts, reporters, personalities and video callers from anywhere in the world, all connected by smartphones, tablets and laptop computers with webcams.

The VCC’s “remote-by-smartphone technology” allows the interactive programming to be controlled by the show’s host with no crews in the field or production staff in a control room.

“We appreciate the opportunity to continue working with Tegna Media to drive audience engagement and participation in new and creative ways that helps Tegna differentiate itself from its competitors,” said VCC CEO Larry Thaler.


Tegna’s KUSA Denver has produced dozens of video call-in programs over the past several months, including ones focused on the theater shooting in Aurora, Colo.; the Republican presidential debate in Boulder and the Denver Broncos’ training camp and Super Bowl victory.

Next, Tegna Media plans to use the VCC technology at its WXIA Atlanta.

“We have to continually find ways to improve and innovate to meet the changing needs of our audiences,” said Tegna President Dave Lougee. “Using the VCC platform, we are able to produce original, interactive programming. We are excited about this technology and look forward to rolling it out to other Tegna Media stations.”

In addition, VCC  itself launched two hours of live weekly programs on Wednesday evenings for online and OTT audiences earlier this year on its TalkCenterAmerica.com platform.

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