TVN’S TV2025

Find Strategies To Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk At TV2025

Cybersecurity executives from E.W. Scripps, Sinclair, Gray Television and Cox Media Group will confront the most serious security issues facing broadcasters in a time of escalating threat, offering guidance on averting crises on Oct. 19. Register for TV2025 here.

Foreign Hackers Targeted US-Based Journalists In Widespread Spy Campaigns

State-sponsored hackers from China, North Korea, Iran and Turkey have been regularly spying on and impersonating journalists from various media outlets in an effort to infiltrate their networks and gain access to sensitive information, according to a report released on Thursday by cybersecurity firm Proofpoint. The report reveals that government-backed hackers used various tools to target journalists, including sending phishing emails to gain access to reporters’ work emails, social media accounts and networks.

World Broadcasting Unions Updates Cybersecurity Recommendations

The World Broadcasting Unions has updated its list of Cybersecurity Recommendations for Media Vendors’ Systems, Software and Services, a document designed to help technology vendors enhance the security of their solutions. Media company IT and security managers also use the list, first released in 2018, as a framework for what to ask of their vendors when investing or maintaining their networks. Download a copy of the recommendations here.

Are We Ready For Putin’s Cyber War?

Anne Neuberger, the deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology, discusses how the battle in cyberspace is shaping up.


CEOs Beware: Ransomware Attacks On Broadcasters Hit ‘Ocean’s 11’ Sophistication

Broadcasters need an arsenal of ways to protect and mitigate against smarter ransomware attacks, particularly targeted against vulnerable CEOs as a “when,” not “if” predicament. These are the questions those CEOs should be asking.


SDP Needed For Broadcasters’ Cybersecurity Arsenal

The recent ransomware attack against Sinclair underscores broadcasters’ particularly acute vulnerabilities to data hacks. Software-designed perimeter (SDP) solutions are the weapons media companies need to fight back.

Sinclair TV Stations Disrupted Across The US

TV operations at several Sinclair-owned stations went down on Sunday in what the stations have described as technical issues, but which sources say is a ransomware attack. The incident occurred in the early hours of the day and took down the Sinclair internal corporate network, email servers, phone services and the broadcasting systems of TV stations.

How To Keep Internet Trolls Out Of Remote Workplaces

When companies move all employee communications online, they face the same problems as the rest of the internet. But they don’t have to let bad behavior seep in.


TVN Tech | Broadcast Hackers Drawn To Email Targeting

Email remains one of the main ways through which attackers gain entry into broadcasters’ networks, and they change their methods of attack quickly. Good training not to click on suspect links is an essential defense. Above: Akamai multi-factor authentication access control on a smartwatch. Multi-factor authentication requires multiple pieces of identification before granting access.


TVN Tech | Remote Work Raises New Cybersecurity Threats

In an environment where so many broadcasters have shifted to remote production and workflows, experts advise them to adopt layered defenses to protect their networks against a range of cybersecurity threats.

Media Industry Full Of Credential Stuffing Attacks: Akamai

The media industry suffered 17 billion credential stuffing attacks between January 2018 and December 2019 according to a new report from Akamai, a global content delivery network, cybersecurity and cloud service company. The Akamai 2020 State of the Internet / Credential Stuffing in the Media Industry report found that 20% of the 88 billion total […]

Webinars This Week: Akamai, BIA, MFM, Ross Video, SVG and TVNewsCheck

Live virtual events for broadcasters this week focus on revenue as well as technology. They include an Akamai webinar on securing Javascripts, a Cisco presentation about Precision Timed Protocol in SMPTE 2110 Fabrics and the Sports Video Group’s annual College Sports Summit. TVNewsCheck will present Optimizing Spot TV in a Challenging Economy and BIA will focus on Selling Digital Marketing Services to Local Businesses. Media Financial Management Association continues its series of webinars for CFOs and other financial managers. For the full list of events and links to their registration pages, visit TVNewsCheck’s Virtual Events Directory.

Dalet Solutions Earn DPP 2020 Security Certification

Dalet, a global provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, was awarded the DPP Security Marks for Production and Broadcast under “The DPP Committed to Security” program. The marks certify that all Dalet products and solutions are developed, configured and deployed according to stringent DPP cyber security best practices across R&D, code safety, and operational […]


TVN Tech | Engineering + IT + Security = Collaboration Roadmap

A decade-long migration from hardware to software, underway in the media and entertainment industry, has been slowed by companies’ inability to coax engineering teams to collaborate with the growing ranks of IT managers being recruited into the industry. A roadmap, drawn up at a February Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat in Orlando, offers a way forward.

Working From Home Makes You Vulnerable To Hackers. Here’s How To Stay Safe


View: AV-Over-IP Boosts Broadcast Security

The AV-over-IP stack is a growing function of broadcast technology that can’t be overlooked or ignored when it comes to management, observability, quality of signals and security.


CBR To Spotlight Security’s Role In M&A

Top cybersecurity executives from E.W. Scripps, Cox, Tegna and Sinclair will share their experiences with — and advice for — planning and executing secure mergers and acquisitions at TVNewsCheck’s third annual Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat.

‘Fake News’ Has Real Cost: $78 Billion

Brands lose about $235 million annually from unknowingly running ads alongside fake news, and in the upcoming 2020 presidential election $200 million will be spent on boosting, advertising and deploying fake news, according to a study that analyzes the direct economic cost from fake news.


Collins | Navigating Complex Privacy-Cybersecurity Laws

Companies that sustain a data breach must be aware of applicable federal, state and foreign laws. Breaches generate a mélange of regulatory investigations, lawsuits, fines, reputational damage, drops in stock prices and business disruption. Whose information is taken determines the company’s obligations. Preparation is the key to staying out of the news.


CBR 2020 To Focus On Engineering-IT-Security

Set for Feb. 12-13, 2020, in Orlando, Fla., TVNewsCheck’s annual Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat will gather TV engineering, IT and security executives, managers and professionals to build collaborative strategies for enhancing security in the TV industry.

Synamedia Offering New Solutions, Services To Combat Piracy

At IBC 2019 (Sept. 13-17, RAI Amsterdam), independent video software provider Synamedia will unveil enhancements to its security portfolio to help combat the evolving threat from hyper-distributed piracy in the age of infinite entertainment. It will be at stand C.41. Synamedia’s Streaming Piracy Disruption managed service features a single workflow across both broadcast and IP streaming for easy […]


Collins | Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever

Current cybercrime trends are revealing organizations’ cyber skills shortages. Given the escalation on the criminal side, companies need to speed their detection and intervention. Recommended approaches include automated detection processes using artificial intelligence and security orchestration, automation and response.

Best Practices For Broadcaster Security

Lisa M. Fowlkes, chief of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, says broadcasters play a vital role during emergencies and the public relies on them to stay informed, find resources and stay safe. “To continue fulfilling this important mission, broadcasters must ensure that their systems are secure and reliable. Here are some best practices to help.”


Don’t Learn About Cybersecurity The Hard Way

A recent ransomware attack gave Tribune Publishing a trial by fire in cybersecurity. The company’s lessons have broad implications for all media companies in an age of advanced risk.

R9B Wins 3 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

R9B, a provider of advanced cybersecurity products, services and training said today it has been named a 2019 Infosec Award winner in three categories: R9B Hunt, which is executed via the company’s proprietary ORION platform, won for Most Innovative Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response. R9B Orkos, the powerful credential risk and assessment tool, won […]

ANA Suffers Phishing Attack, Possible Data Theft

The Association of National Advertisers suffered a phishing attack last year that may have resulted in the theft of employee data, including names and Social Security numbers.


With Standards Set, IP Transition Starts To Roll

Just over a year after publication of SMPTE’s 2110 suite of standards for handling professional media over managed IP networks, the TV industry’s focus has switched from how to transport the data to refining the technology supporting the standard.


FTP No Option, Even For Small Media Companies

Signiant’s Megan Cater: Cybersecurity experts have long been warning of FTP’s potential threat to network security, intellectual property and privacy. Most major media enterprises have banned FTP, requiring that all partners use secure accelerated file transfer solutions. Smaller operations should follow their lead.


CBR 2019 To Feature 3.0 Security Update

Peter Van Peenen, technology consultant to Pearl TV, will update broadcasters on the latest ATSC 3.0 security protocols at TVNewsCheck’s Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat in February.


ICIT’s Parham Eftekhari To Speak At CBR 2019

The executive director of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology will talk about emerging cybersecurity threats; communicating with the C-suite about investing in security; and the latest technologies being used and developed to thwart cyber crime at TVNewsCheck’s second annual Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat in February.

Incident Response Training To Open CBR 2019

Sali Osman, a cybersecurity and risk strategy adviser, will lead a two-hour interactive exercise to train security and IT leaders in how to respond to a cybersecurity attack. The event will kick off the TVNewsCheck’s 2019 Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat.


Cybersecurity: Every Enterprise Is At Risk

There are two types of companies: Those that know they’ve been hacked, and those that don’t know that they’ve been hacked.

TVNewsCheck To Host Cybersecurity Retreat

The June 20-21 event, designed to address the specific needs of the broadcasting industry, will open with a Cybersecurity Tour of CNN, led by Pete Chronis, SVP and chief information and security officer at Turner.


Ransomware Threats Continue To Mount

Holding companies hostage through ransomware is a thriving business. Three big assumptions about the practice that can prove fatal are detailed here. Truly, the only assumption companies should make concerning ransomware and other threats to cybersecurity is that the risks today are already far greater than they were yesterday.

Cybersecurity Means Force Fields, Not Walls

The threat landscape has changed so dramatically, so fast, that it has outpaced previously sound security practices. The problem is twofold. One part of the problem is insoluble; but the other, businesses can remedy — and have no existential choice but to do so.

NTIA Seeks Comments On Cybersecurity Threats


Station Cybersecurity Starts With Awareness

After 30 years in IT, Hubbard’s Paul Anderson has some valuable thoughts on how broadcasters can make their IT networks less vulnerable to cyberattacks and breaches. And, he adds, don’t forget about being prepared to survive natural disasters as well.


FCC Security Chief On Tap For TVN Webinar

David Simpson, head of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, will brief broadcasters on the latest developments in cybersecurity, outlining specific steps to take to shore up their defenses at TVNewsCheck’s July 22 webinar: Cybersecurity for Broadcasters: Ten Steps You Need to Take Right Now.

Build Your Cyber Defenses At TVN Webinar

TVNewsCheck will brief broadcasters on the latest developments in cybersecurity, outlining specific steps to take to shore up their defenses in a July 22 webinar: Cybersecurity for Broadcasters: Ten Steps You Need to Take Right Now at 2-3:30 p.m. ET.

NAB 2015

NAB Show To Tackle Cybersecurity

The annual gathering will features best practices in asset, media and station protection.