Allen Media Group’s This TV Adds ABC O&Os

The diginet is now carried on eight ABC-owned station subchannels in major markets Including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Allen Media Buys MGM’s This TV And Light TV

The two diginets reach more than 81 million U.S. Households via over-the-air, cable and online.


Optimistic Outlook On Multicast’s Prospects

While diginets still have some hurdles to face — such as rising program license fees — they have captured the attention of general-market advertisers and they are looking forward to the rollout of the upcoming ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard with its expanded capacity. What’s more, the multicast networks are relieved that the FCC’s incentive auction and ongoing repack of the TV band isn’t affecting their station carriage deals to any significant extent.


WBBZ Drops This TV For Heroes And Icons

DMA 35

Weigel Flips Milwaukee Channels For Two Diginets


Classic TV Diginets Make The Old New Again

One of the staples of the multicasting universe are networks that offer programming from television and film’s past. While some of the early efforts haven’t survived, there are many that have and more slotted to launch. The diginet with the widest distribution, in fact, is Me-TV, the classic channel from Weigel Broadcasting. This is part 2 of a three-part special report. Read part 1 here.


Diginets Building Themselves A Market

The multicast networks that stations are using to populate their subchannels are estimated to generate between $250 million and $350 million a year in total ad revenues, growing 4% to 5% a year. “It’s still early in the game, says Katz TV Media’s Bill Carroll. “They’re in the ‘build-out phase,’ the news being they’ve extended the reach, and enhanced the profile, of broadcast stations. A few are already visible in ratings terms, and others are quickly becoming so.” Here’s a look at the diginet trends and our exclusive ranking of the top 25 by TV household coverage.


WGN Chicago Launches This TV On Ch. 9.3

This TV, the 24/7 free digital network from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., is now on airing on WGN Chicago’s ch. 9.3 and, starting in December, will be on the following cable channels: Comcast 354 (starting December 4) RCN 28 (starting mid-December—currently This is on RCN 26) WOW! 195 Charter 962 Mediacom 107 (starting mid-December) “This TV […]


Diginets Growing With Old Shows + New Ideas

After years of experimentation, broadcasting specialty networks on subchannels is starting to draw viewers and revenue in amounts that really matter. Some peg the take at more than $200 million. While classic TV shows and movies are popular formats, others see the future in original programming.

Tribune To Oversee This TV Programming

Tribune Broadcasting and MGM Television today announced a new programming operations relationship for This TV, the 24/7 free digital network that features movies from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s 4,000-plus library. Effective this fall, Tribune Broadcasting will oversee all programming operations for the digital network. Launched in November of 2008, with Tribune joining as an affiliate partner in 2009, […]


Diginets Delivering Dollars For More Stations

While multicasting is still in its infancy, a growing number of the D2 and D3 channels have turned into new revenue streams, accounting for about 3% of station ad money, according to BIA/Kelsey. The biggest earners are broadcast networks that don’t have a full-power home, but multicast-only nets like This TV, Live Well, Antenna TV, Bounce TV and Me-TV are creating their own growing niches as well.

NATPE 2012

Diginets Hope To Boost Affil Counts In Miami

Multicast programmers will be at this month’s NATPE exhibition hoping to expand and improve their affiliate lineups. And their growing importance to the industry is reflected in the show’s scheduling of a panel dedicated to the business on Monday afternoon (Jan. 23) featuring representatives of Me-TV, Antenna TV and Live Well.

DMA 125

KBFX Launches This TV Bakersfield

Fisher Communications is now airing This TV Bakersfield on the digital tier of its Fox affiliate KBFX-CD Bakersfield, Calif. (DMA 125). THIS TV Bakersfield is a programming service offering a variety of hit movies from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios library, as well as classic television series. This can be found over-the-air on ch. 29.2 or on […]