Local Evening News: An Event Every Night

A TVB analysis of March viewing data finds that a single night of local TV news drew greater audiences than the NFL First Round Draft, the Academy Awards, and Monday Night Football.

When it comes to marketing effectiveness, nothing beats local TV news, according to a recent analysis of March Nielsen data conducted by the TVB.

Compared with tent-pole programming and many popular TV events, such as the Academy Awards, local TV stations’ 6 p.m. news provided greater audience impressions. Brands and advertisers can capitalize on this opportunity as America reopens for business city by city and state by state.

TVB said: “One of the greatest advertising media opportunities for brands in terms of value and reach, during this critical time, is local TV, the No. 1 one medium for trust and local news/information according to GfK surveys of viewing audiences.”

“Unlocking America’s economy begins on Main Street and local TV’s ability to impact consumers is unparalleled,” says Steve Lanzano, TVB CEO. “The data shows that local news delivers audiences in numbers greater than popular TV programs and drives greater awareness and action for advertisers than any other medium. Local TV news is a tent-pole event every day.”

A recent analysis of audience impressions from Nielsen’s March data shows that local broadcast TV evening news is delivering tremendous return on investment for advertisers and brands. TV stations’ evening news audience (29 million adults 18+) far surpass many popular broadcast and cable network programs including award shows, sports and prime entertainment.

  • Three times as many adult viewers compared to the major cable news networks (CNN,FXNC, HLN, MSNBC)
    • A single spot running during the average weekday 6 p.m. local news across the seven network affiliates, delivered 29 million cumed impressions compared to  9.2 million cumed impressions generated during the same period, in the same markets, on cable news.
  • Higher than tent-pole entertainment and award show audiences, including the Academy Awards
    • This includes the 2020 Academy Awards (22.8M A18+), 2019 College Football Championship (17.9M A18+)  and 2019 Big Bang finale (16.2M A18+).
    • TV station evening news audience (29M A18+) also exceeded special TV event programming during COVID-19, including NFL Draft First Round (12.5M A18+) and the Michael Jordan documentary miniseries, The Last Dance, night 1 (4.1M A18+).
    • 30% more than the combined total of the Walking Dead season premiere, The Last Dance, The Orange Bowl, and Monday Night Football.

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