Veritone-WideOrbit Integration Yields Success For Gray Television

Veritone Inc., the creator of an operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE, says that its integration with WideOrbit’s ad management and trafficking platform is driving customer satisfaction, renewals and incremental ad revenue opportunities at Gray Television through AI-powered, actionable data insights delivered in near real-time.

The combination of Veritone’s broadcast advertising attribution solution, Veritone Attribute, and WideOrbit’s WO Traffic platform has enabled Gray TV to retain more advertising revenue and to better compete for new, previously unattainable advertising share, the companies say.

WO Traffic aggregates all client ad data into a single source. WideOrbit’s API centralizes specific customer log information from this data lake and transmits it to Veritone Attribute securely, instantaneously and programmatically. Veritone Attribute helps broadcasters demonstrate the effectiveness of their offering and work with their advertisers to make strategic decisions about their advertising campaigns and, ultimately, their ad dollars. Broadcasters can offer near real-time ad performance analytics on live, organic mentions, in-content and prerecorded campaigns.

“Without real attribution data, advertisers have little assurance that their ad dollars are well spent and their advertisements are working,” said Nick Felton, digital sales manager, Gray TV Sarasota. “Being able to show success metrics and measure a linear broadcast schedule through digital reporting to prove attribution is key. Veritone and WideOrbit’s integration gave us a powerful tool to do just that, providing us and our clients with immeasurable, immediate value.”

With the ability to better measure linear broadcast schedules through the stronger digital reporting tools that the Veritone and WideOrbit integration provides, Gray TV says it is able to better understand the success of advertisements on its stations by a number of factors, including geo-location, day of the week, frequency, daypart, spot length and creative elements.

Veritone and WideOrbit say that together they “provide reporting capabilities that also allow Gray TV to assist brands in optimizing their advertising campaigns, garnering the station overwhelmingly strong results and positive feedback from clients. The combination of Attribute and WO Traffic enables Gray TV to maximize client ad spend by providing actionable attribution data and demonstrating stronger customer ROI. This enhanced transparency encourages advertisers to increase their share of ad spend.”


“There is often a misconception that metrics of success are hard to measure with television advertising, especially compared to newer data-driven mediums like digital advertising,” said Tim Swift, WideOrbit COO. “Our integration offerings with leading edge companies like Veritone allow that paradigm to shift. We can provide data to facilitate near real-time response metrics to better guide advertising sales managers to optimize campaigns and capture the true ROI that television ads deliver. This results in better retention and more renewals, as evidenced by Gray TV’s success in leveraging our joint solution with Veritone.”

The Veritone and WideOrbit integration can be leveraged for both television and radio stations. Veritone’s Attribute application programmatically compares reconciled spot times within WO Traffic to web traffic and visitor data from an advertiser’s site, thereby providing better correlation between when an ad runs and increased online activity. With the combined solution of Veritone Attribute and WO Traffic, broadcasters can eliminate manual processes and increase efficiency in data trafficking, automation from playout systems, data standardization and data integrity.

“Attribution has been historically difficult for traditional radio and television broadcasters, but especially for TV, since their data is much more complex and combines both audio and video media,” said Drew Hilles, SVP of Sales, Media & Entertainment at Veritone. “Having the ability to bring empirical data into the attribution model for TV stations is critical to the success of their business. Our integration with WideOrbit provides a way to do this securely and truly seamlessly, and broadcasters like Gray TV are clear evidence of this.”

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