NAB Invests In Big Data Startup

Baltimore-based Yet Analytics provides cutting-edge platforms for multi-source data collection and analysis that could help broadcasters size up their audiences for advertisers.


The NAB said today it is investing in Yet Analytics, a Baltimore-based startup that collects and analyzes human and machine performance data within Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations.

Its Big Data tools could be an aid to broadcasters by identifying “workflow efficiencies and provide audience measurement enhancements that detect viewer preferences and facilitate targeted advertising,” said NAB Chief Technology Officer Sam Matheny.

NAB’s investment in Yet Analytics is part of its continuing commitment to innovation and the incubation of new ideas and was made through its NAB Labs unit.

“We are very happy to have the support of NAB,” said Yet Analytics CEO Shelly Blake-Plock. “The increase in the number of data sources and the variety of data types now being produced across media and across industries will only continue to grow.

“It is in this environment that the real-time collection and analysis of performance metrics will provide game-changing insight into the way that businesses function in a fully-immersive digital world.”

Other NAB Labs’ initiatives include membership in Dingman Center Angels, a University of Maryland-based incubator supporting regional startups; partnership with 1776, a D.C.-based business incubator for government regulated industries; membership in NCSU’s Center for Innovation Management Studies and NAB’s engagement with SPROCKIT.


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