Telco Productions Offers New Shows For Fall 2022 Syndication

Telco Productions has a variety of new shows for fall 2022, including two daily talk and entertainment shows plus a pair of country music series. Telco Productions President Alex Paen has partnered with Circle City Broadcasting Entertainment CEO and WISH Indianapolis owner DuJuan McCoy to launch Color Commentary, a daily one-hour talk and opinion series […]

Telco Productions Sets New Co-Host For ‘Daily Flash’ In Season 5

Telco Productions says its nationally-syndicated weekday strip, Daily Flash, begins its fifth season Monday, Sept. 20, with a new co-host and new studio set. Former CNN correspondent Patricia Wu is joining Mitch English as co-host. Wu has covered numerous stories around the world as well as co-anchoring CNN’s globally simulcast morning news show, CNN Newsroom […]

Telco Productions Offers New, Returning Shows For Fall 2021

Syndicator Telco Productions is offering a variety of new shows for fall 2021, including Ready, Set, Renovate!, a weekly half-hour series featuring families changing their lives with improvements to their homes. Episodes showcase the ups and downs of home renovation and gives viewers a closer look at what it takes to improve their living space. […]

Telco Productions Unveils New Shows For Fall 2020

Santa Monica, Calif.-based syndicator Telco Productions is offering a variety of new shows for fall 2020. Among them is the daily news, entertainment and lifestyle strip Daily Flash, available as a half-hour or hour Monday through Friday show. Telco is also launching the hour weekly sports program, Boundless, featuring extreme sports competition. Additionally, Telco is […]

Syndicator Telco Productions Sets 3Q Specials

Among new specials that Telco Productions is offering stations for the third quarter, The Fashion Hero is billed as “the world’s first role-model reality competition.” The four-part one-hour specials are “at the forefront of a global movement that aims to celebrate diversity and to completely overturn the fashion industry’s perception of beauty.” The Fashion Hero sets out […]

Telco Bringing ‘Ask Dr. Nandi’ To NATPE

At NATPE 2018, Telco Productions will be offering Ask Dr. Nandi, a medical lifestyle weekly series that seeks to improve the health of Americans. Each one-hour episode features Dr. Partha Nandi discussing health care, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices with top experts in their field. According to Telco, Nandi’s “tremendous ability to connect with others […]

Telco Syndicating ‘Mantracker’ For Fall 2018

Mantracker, a gritty, fast-paced half-hour adventure series that pits an expert tracker against two weekend warriors in a chase through a remote and rugged wilderness, is being offered in national syndication (26 half-hours, 50-50 barter split) by Telco Productions for fall 2018. Armed with a map, a compass, a one-mile headstart and a pre-determined destination […]

Telco Offers Three Summer 2015 Specials

Telco Productions Inc. is offering a trio of summer syndication specials — Hawaii Marlin Challenge: 2015, Hollywood News: Summer Movie Preview and Bud Billiken Back to School Parade. Hawaii Marlin Challenge: 2015 is a one-hour fishing special featuring five boats and five fisherman over five days attempting to catch (and release) the biggest Pacific blue […]

Telco Productions Distributing ‘Hiring America’

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Telco Productions Inc. is offering for fall Hiring America, a weekly half-hour barter series helping America’s veterans find jobs. Hosted by Gigi Stone Woods, anchor and network television correspondent, each episode of Hiring America features several U.S. companies offering jobs to America’s veterans. Career counselors and HR specialists share insights on how […]

Telco Prods. Announces New Shows For Fall 2015

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Telco Productions Inc. is launching several new shows for 2015: Laff Mobb’s We Got Next is a weekly half-hour comedy series delivering a new twist on stand-up — a show where reality meets clean stand-up comedy with performances and profiles of the next generation of great African-American comics as selected by Bob […]

Telco To Offer Weekly Half-Hour Music-Food Show

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Telco Productions’ latest offering for fall 2015 is Gigging & Grubbing, a weekly half-hour barter series combining the best of food, music and travel. Programs showcase American musicians performing their latest original songs and then sharing some of their favorite meals discovered on tour. Visiting three different cities across the country each […]

Telco Announces Three 2014 Winter Specials

Telco Productions is offering stations a trio of half-hour specials for the fourth quarter: An American Christmas: Gigging & Grubbing, Smart Destinations: The Best of 2014 and Surviving the Holidays. All shows are 50/50 barter split with broadcast window of Nov. 22, 2014 to Jan. 4, 2015. An American Christmas: Gigging & Grubbing showcases a […]

Telco Offers Weekly Half-Hour Political Satire

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Telco Productions Inc. is offering The Flipside for fall 2014. Telco says the new weekly, topical half-hour satire series “throws political correctness out the window and pokes fun at the powers-that-be with razor-sharp wit and fearless commentary.” Each show contains “thought-provoking interviews with top-caliber guests — bringing an added dimension and diverse […]

Telco Prods. Selling New Daily Morning Show

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Telco Productions Inc. is launching a The Balancing Act in syndication for fall 2014. The Balancing Act is an hour magazine-style daily morning show about women and for women, combining animated conversation, lively demonstrations and “did you know” tips to help women balance their lives. Show topics to be addressed include family […]

‘What America Thinks’ Offers Daily News Updates

What America Thinks with Scott Rasmussen, the new weekly half-hour show syndicated by Telco Productions and Rasmussen Reports, will begin delivering daily one-minute news updates next week to be used on stations’ websites and newscasts highlighting the latest polling data on current events, business topics and Election 2012. The nationally syndicated half-hour weekly program will […]

WCBS New York To Air ‘What America Thinks’

Telco Productions has cleared WCBS-TV, New York for the launch of the half-hour weekly, What America Thinks with Scott Rasmussen, for this fall. Telco has partnered with pollster Scott Rasmussen and his electronic media company, Rasmussen Reports, to create a panel-driven weekly, drawing upon Rasmussen Reports independent public opinion polling data on the latest political, […]

Telco Productions Syndicating ‘Game Time’

For this fall, Telco Productions Inc. is launching Game Time, a new weekly half-hour for sports fans. Each episode features the interaction between teen interviewers and superstar athletes and includes behind-the-scenes access with top sports personalities including Shaquille O’Neal, Tiger Woods, Landon Donovan, Wayne Rooney, Dwight Howard, Ray Lewis, Cam Newton and many more. Episodes […]

‘Bob Vila’ Show Available From Telco Productions

Telco Productions has announced the Bob Vila and Real Green one-hour home improvement block available for national syndication in fall 2012. Vila has had a long television career as a fix-it, repair and renovation handyman. “For more than two decades, the name Bob Vila has been synonymous with quality advice and tips about fixing or […]

Telco Prods Offers 2 One-Hour Medical Specials

Telco Productions Inc. has partnered with MDTV (producers of Medical News Now) to develop health and wellness related programming for syndication. Telco and MDTV are offering two one-hour specials, Back to School 2011 and A New You for the New Year. Back to School 2011, set for broadcast the end of this summer, features “everything […]

Telco Develops Syndie Offerings With Rasmussen

Telco Productions Inc. has partnered with national pollster Scott Rasmussen and his electronic media company, Rasmussen Reports, to develop news programming for syndication. Telco and Rasmussen’s first venture is a one-minute polling analysis vignette produced specifically for local newscasts. The project will draw upon Rasmussen Reports independent public opinion polling data on the latest political, […]