Nexstar Digital Adopts FreeWheel’s Strata

The new agreement allows advertisers and agencies easy access to Nexstar’s digital audience of 106 million monthly uniques and the broadcast industry’s widest reach of 63% of U.S. TV households gives them the ability to send orders electronically directly in their Strata workflow.

Nexstar Digital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexstar Media Group announced today that it has entered into a multiyear agreement with Comcast’s FreeWheel to use its Strata platform. The new agreement provides advertisers and agency partners easy access to Nexstar’s premium digital inventory and the ability to send orders electronically directly in their Strata workflow. According to FreeWheel, “the simple inventory access points and automated order delivery will drive increased efficiency and performance throughout the buying process.”

“FreeWheel is committed to delivering easy access to premium OTT and digital video inventory directly in the user workflow while reducing transactional friction through applied automation in the ordering process,” said Jamie Donnenfeld, its VP of partnership solutions. “As a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexstar Media Group, the nation’s largest local broadcaster with significant digital use, Nexstar Digital offers brands and advertisers broad consumer reach throughout the U.S., and we’re delighted to facilitate our clients’ access to Nexstar’s full digital inventory to drive accelerated performance across their video campaigns.”

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As part of the new agreement, FreeWheel has integrated easy access points for Nexstar Digital’s video and OTT inventory into its Strata platform. As a result, agencies can now use Strata to discover, customize and access the complete suite of Nexstar Media Group’s digital advertising inventory. The company says: “By tapping into Nexstar Digital’s first-party data, technology and creative, advertisers and political candidates gain the ability to deliver messages directly to audiences across geographies.”

“Our agreement with FreeWheel is consistent with our priority to help our clients optimize high campaign volumes with precise targeting,” said Wil Danielson, head of revenue, Nexstar Digital. “By accessing Nexstar’s digital inventory and first-party data, marketers can seamlessly move budgets between linear and digital platforms, ensuring they reach the right consumers at the right moments.”

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Nexstar Digital said it “provides advertisers and agencies with the ability to reach their audiences at scale across OTT, digital video and display in a brand-safe environment.”

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