Stephen Arnold Music Helps KTNV Promote ‘Good Morning Las Vegas’

Scripps-owned ABC affiliate KTNV Las Vegas television station used this year’s Academy Awards broadcast to launch a spirited promotional campaign for its a.m. talk show Good Morning Las Vegas. Set to an upbeat, original anthem produced by Stephen Arnold Music, the campaign pays tribute to the community of Las Vegas and the morning show’s role in helping people get their day off to a rousing start.

The 60- and 30-second promos that aired locally during the Oscars mix landscape and lifestyle imagery with lighthearted vignettes involving the show’s on-air talent. Shooting locations ranged from suburban neighborhoods to scenic Red Rock State Park to an immersive pop-up art exhibition on the Las Vegas Strip.

The pop-flavored theme song features the tagline, “It’s getting contagious … Good Morning Las Vegas!” KTNV plans to roll out additional versions of the spot in coming weeks. An extended version, featuring the full song, will be shared through social portals.

Conceived by KTNV Promotions Manager Jenny Dolph and Director of Marketing and Creative Services Larry Watzman, the campaign highlights the distinctive personality of the city and Good Morning Las Vegas. “We wanted to do something that made people feel good,” says Watzman. “We had the luxury to be creative with the visuals and the music and deliver something fun … because this is Las Vegas.”

The campaign also serves as a showcase for the show’s on-air personalities. “We want to get the word out about our talent, some of whom are relatively new to the show,” explains Dolph. “They bring energy and excitement to Good Morning Las Vegas.

Dolph and Watzman collaborated with Stephen Arnold Music’s creative team to develop a concept for a theme song that would appeal to the show’s diverse audience. “Early on, we came up with the idea of using the show’s name as the hook,” recalls Stephen Arnold Music VP/Creative Director Chad Cook. “The name has a natural flow and cadence that works well when sung. It also fit the theme of ‘a great way to start your day.’ It sticks in your head and brands the show.”


Stephen Arnold Music also made the song memorable through the song’s unusual instrumentation and percussive beat. “It’s super catchy, but not like a typical pop song,” Cook says. “We used handclaps, acoustic guitars and whistles to make it energetic, relatable and fun.”

If the song’s effect on the station’s staff is any indication, the new campaign is going to make a big impression on viewers. “All of our employees have been singing the song,” says Watzman. “They are sharing it with family members. They love it! We think we’ve got a pretty cool thing on our hands.”

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