Starcom Tracks Social Chatter On Shows, Ads

Starcom MediaVest Group has a signed a deal with analytics company Bluefin Labs to utilize the latter’s tech platform to monitor social media chatter about TV shows and ads.

NBC O&Os Add Instagram For Viewer Photos

The iPhone photo sharing app has been integrated into the NBC Owned Stations’ production systems, to make it quick and easy to use viewer images on the air or online.


Social Media Is Stations’ Sales Trump Card

Social media tools are quickly becoming a hybrid powerhouse for both driving viewership and empowering account reps to offer advertisers the cross-platform marketing promotions that can transport viewers from programming to their digital destinations. When it comes to the consumer, we’ve demonstrated that TV is social media’s killer app. Now is the time for us to demonstrate to advertisers that TV can deliver killer results for their social media ad spending.

Should Stations Promote Personal Social Accounts?

TV Brands Quick To Join Google Plus Pages

CBS Cranks Up Social Media For Nov. Sweeps

After two “Tweet Weeks” this year, CBS is rolling out “Social Sweep Week” to kick off the November book. CBS talent will take over the network’s various Facebook and Twitter accounts at points throughout the week, beginning with tomorrow’s big LSU-Alabama football game.


KDFW Tweets Rangers World Series Win…Twice

PBS ‘Like Drive’ Nabs FB Fans, Engagement

In a modern twist to a TV pledge drive, PBS ran a Facebook “Like Drive” last week that rewarded fans with exclusive video clips for helping promote some of PBS’s most beloved people and shows. The drive helped land more than 18,000 in all for the week, stopping just short of 950,000 total likes for the page.

Twitter and TV Get Close to Help Each Other

Next week, viewers of The X Factor can vote for a singer via Twitter in a partnership intended to strengthen the symbiotic relationship between television and the website.

Facebook Becoming Serious TV Rival

Daytime is Facebook time, not TV time, for most media consumers. Facebook is closing in on being a mass medium — just like TV, according to a study by Frank N. Magid Associates Generational Strategies. More consumers use Facebook during work-day hours, 9 p.m. to 5 p.m,. than watch TV.


Social Media: From Newbie To Must-Have

Media firms are working hard to realize the enormous benefits of using social media to engage consumers, creating relationships that ultimately result in increased audiences and, in turn, appeal to advertisers.

Social Media And TV: Who’s Talking?

Social media continues to influence how consumers interact with brands and share content every day. Increasingly, TV viewers leverage social media as a platform to talk about and engage with TV content. A recent analysis by NM Incite and Nielsen sheds light on which demographics are engaging with TV across social media and highlights some differences in composition between the general social media population and the population on social media sites talking about TV specifically.

EIJ 2011

Hyper-Social Journos Star At News Confab

The most jam-packed sessions at the SPJ/RTDNA conference in New Orleans dealt with how news teams are using Twitter and Facebook to both disseminate news and find scoops for hot stories. Twitter is now akin to an AP wire service, and at least one journo expert considers Twitter followers to be a journalist’s most important assets.

Does Social Media Pay Off For Promoters?

Pubcasters Get Social Media Guide

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has released a social media handbook for NPR and PBS stations, which is hosted at the National Center for Media Engagement website.


How Social Should A Newscast Be?

KOMU Columbia, Mo., in DMA138, has taken the plunge into social media news, last week launching a 4 p.m. newscast that makes viewers an integral part of the show. And there’s a social media desk that includes two reporters tracking bloggers, Tweets and online conversations about topics making the news. Industry watchers applaud KOMU for pushing the envelope in its use of social media at a time when many stations are still trying to figure them out. But some question their heavy use in what has always been a sit-back, passive medium.

NBCU Highlights Growing Social Media Buzz

With the nation talking about tweets and tagging friends and other social-media jargon, NBCUniversal held a conference Wednesday to showcase its social-media prowess. Highlights included the Bravo channel’s “tweet tracker” and CNBC’s 500,000 Twitter followers, which NBCU believes boost its relevance to TV fans and advertisers.

Nielsen Report Details Rise Of Social Media

As social media like blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube grow increasingly popular among consumers, marketers are seeking more data about the changing behavior of their customers. The Nielsen Co., which has long provided such information about the traditional media, is seeking to become a go-to source of data for new media, too. To help bolster that, Nielsen is to release this morning a report of a kind it says it has not published before, a big-picture look at social media.

Social TV Plugs In To DirecTV

Social TV startup Miso wants to know what you’re watching—and it may have found the perfect way to find out, through a just-announced partnership with DirecTV. Now, if you’re a DirecTV subscriber and you want want to tell your friends that you’re watching Doctor Who, you don’t have to search through a long list of shows and episodes. Instead, once you’ve synced up Miso with your DirecTV system, the app automatically displays what you’re watching, and you can check-in by just pressing a button.


WCAU Adds News To Foursquare

The NBC-owned station in Philadelphia has teamed up with Foursquare to bring local news reporting to the check-in service. While WCAU is already posting traditional Foursquare tips — “Crab fries, good eats and lots of TV” at Chickie’s & Pete’s — it will now have reporters post news updates at different locations in the market.


Changing Social Media Landscape For TV

It’s not simply that television and radio stations are doing more with social media these days, it’s also that — at least in the case of TV — they’re doing something different. Revamps ‘Watchlist’ With Social Ties


Local TV Is Top Industry On Twitter

The New York Times is the most social company in the U.S., and local TV is the top industry on Twitter, finds a report by NetProspex. The report measures the number of employees with social media accounts (using a company email address) and their total connections — which by definition, favors larger companies.


WCAU Philadelphia Hires Social Media Editor

NBC O&O WCAU Philadelphia (DMA 4) has hired Lou Dubois as its social media editor and strategist. Dubois will oversee the use of social media tools by reporters, producers and editors to monitor news, report news, find leads and more. Further, he will consult on internal sales and marketing initiatives and how they can use social […]

DMA 137

KOMU’s Google+ Account Killed

Google has apparently disabled the Google+ account belonging to NBC affiliate KOMU Columbia, Mo., says one of the station’s most prolific Google+ users, anchor Sarah Hill, in a public post in her personal account.

Roku Brings Facebook Pics, Videos To TV

Roku, the streaming video player, is adding the ability to see Facebook videos and pictures right on your TV. There are already several channels you can see on Roku, and Facebook Photos has been one of them. Now the channel is getting a big upgrade and it’s another example of internet video coming to the living room.


Pexton: Social Media Could Hurt Reporting

Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton: “[Engagement is] using Twitter and Facebook to build a tribe or family of followers, even disciples, who will keep reading you. The potential downside here is a diminution of quality. If reporters are setting aside a portion of their days for social media, that leaves less time for thinking and traditional reporting. And if the chase in journalism becomes one for the greatest number of page views, Twitter followers and Facebook friends, instead of the great story, we all lose.”


Facebook Pitches Social TV

Facebook has a message for the television world: social TV is coming. Andy Mitchell, SVP of strategic partner development at Facebook, pitched a crowd of media and branding honchos at the PromaxBDA conference on the various ways in which he thinks his company can help the broadcast media embrace the social world.


Social Media + Broadcast TV = Killer App

A study found that more viewers chatted and tweeted while watching live TV during the past season and the top 10 most popular “social shows” are all aired on broadcast networks. Such social viewing is giving rise to a new metric, social impressions, that bolsters the gross ratings points. Stations are also discovering the value of tying local programming in with the Facebook and Twitter.

SocialGuide Providing A Social Feed For TV

Nielsen Co., the longstanding arbiter of popularity in the television industry, calculates ratings by observing the TV-viewing habits of a cross section of the American public., a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based start-up, is taking a different approach: It analyzes what’s being said about TV on Twitter and Facebook. That’s about 90 million comments made by 13 million people about 4,500 shows on 160 networks.

Comcast Tests Social TV With Facebook

Comcast will announce at the Cable Show later this week a “next generation TV experience” that it’s currently testing in Augusta, Ga. The system will include interactive apps that are easy to access and enhanced for TV, such as traffic and weather, and social apps such as Facebook that let users share and discover what to watch with their friends.

DMA 10

TV And Twitter ‘Are The Same, Aren’t They?’

DMA 27

WXIN Changes Facebook Image To Missing Student

Twitter Loves TV. And TV Loves Twitter, But…

The relationship between the two, which Twitter has been actively trying to promote in the last nine months or so, is a funky one. On Twitter, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey trumps Modern Family. Why?

Twitter Loves TV And TV Loves Twitter, But…

The relationship between the two, which Twitter has been actively trying to promote in the last nine months or so, is a funky one. On Twitter, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey trumps Modern Family. Why?


Station Execs Urged To Invest In Social Media

Top media execs predict that 75% of all TV shows will be on the Web in two years. And since the Web is seamlessly migrating to TV (via Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, connected TV sets, Xbox, etc.), that leaves TV stations with a new challenge: everything TV stations produce and distribute now goes head-to-head with everything else. That means social media is more important than ever for local TV content to be discovered, shared and consumed.

DMA 35

WTMJ Anchor Shoots Social Media ‘Newsburst’

Zuckerberg: TV Is The Next Social Frontier

Speaking at the EG8 technology forum in Paris, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that TV, music and books are the next “media experiences” that will be revolutionized by social media. “I hope we can play a part in enabling those new companies to get built, and companies that are out there producing this great content to become more social,” he said.

Bluefin Tests TV Ad Impact With Social Media

Semantic technology start-up Bluefin Labs has begun testing tools for marketers to monitor and measure TV’s influence via social media. Initial partners from the worlds of marketing and media include Best Buy Co., Inc., Mars, Humana, Razorfish, SS+K, Hill Holliday, Dentsu and Fox Sports.

DMA 36

Social Media Doesn’t Stop During WSPA News

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, some journalists are elevating multitasking to a new art form. WSPA Greenville-Spartanburg, S.C. anchor Amy Wood is hard to beat, amassing one of local TV’s largest social followings (@TVAmy | Facebook) in part by interacting with her audience while she’s live on the air.